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The Tom Clancy Games Based On Books

Ubisoft has used Tom Clancy’s name to market many military and espionage games. Many of these do stem from his work, and you would be surprised how true to the source material these games can be. 

Tom Clancy
Courtesy of Ubisoft Montreal

Rainbow Six

Courtesy of Reddit

The original Rainbow Six game was released in 1998, shortly before the book. Because of this, the first game isn’t really based on the novels, but since then, we’ve seen the games become more grounded in the novels. Many of the operators in Rainbow Six Siege, like Sledge, pop up often in the books and provide another angle of character we aren’t used to seeing. 

The Hunt For Red October

Courtesy of GameFabrique

If you were around in the late ’80s and early ’90s, there’s a chance you remember playing some of Tom Clancy’s 8-bit games. One of these featured simulated sub-on-sub combat and was actually tightly based on the books: The Hunt For Red October is the novel that landed Tom Clancy on the map and is responsible for being the first game-title dedicated to his name. 


There are only two book series out there that Tom Clancy wrote which turned out to be video games. I know what you’re saying, “What about Ghost Recon or Splinter-Cell?” While they do have Tom Clancy’s name on them, there aren’t any works attached to these series written by him. These series are all written by other writers, like Raymond Benson and David Michaels. 

These writers were hired to help flesh out the games Ubisoft made by creating tie-in-novels. Ubisoft holds the branding rights for Tom Clancy when it comes to media, so when they want to make a new tactical game they just have to slap Tom Clancy’s name on it, 

On the plus side, Ubisoft did confirm that every Tom Clancy game they’ve pumped out is in the same universe. So while you’re hunting for drug lords in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, keep in mind the events of New York in Division are about to happen.

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