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The Top 10 Video Game Edible Items That We All Want To Try

Image courtesy of NintendoLife

Whether it be reality or virtual universes, one thing’s for sure: we’re all here for the food and drinks. Here are our top 10 edible game items we’d love to try in real life.

10. Lon Lon Milk – The Legend of Zelda Series

Courtesy of Nintendo

Lon Lon Milk is a recurring beverage in the Legend of Zelda series with restorative capabilities. A trademark item of the also-recurring Lon Lon Ranch, Lon Lon Milk has made several appearances in the Zeldaverse, and very notably in the Super Smash Bros. series in a victory pose for Young Link, where he iconically whips out a labelled bottle and gulps it down. The milk is especially appealing in that while it seems so plain, it serves as a dependable resource for recovering health in the series. Considering how formidable of a hero Link is, it’s clear that the nutritious Lon Lon Milk could truly benefit us all.

9. Nuka-Cola – Fallout Series

Courtesy of Bethesda

Is there anything tastier than propaganda? The Fallout series’ Nuka-Cola is an enticing soft drink enclosed in a neat, rocket-shaped bottle whose caps serve as currency in the game’s post-apocalyptic universe. Reminiscent of Coca-Cola and apparently lacking any real source of nutrition, the sugary delight of Nuka-Cola nonetheless took the world of Fallout by storm. A cult favorite, Nuka-Cola has several flavor variants, including but not limited to Nuka-Cherry, Nuka-Grape, Nuka-Dark, and Nuka-Cola Quantum, the latter of which can speed up certain game processes. Perhaps it’s best not to consume radioactive material, but hey, it glows.

8. Poke Puffs – Pokemon X and Y Versions

Image Courtesy of IGN

Let me start this off by saying that Poke Puffs look absolutely delicious. They’re colorful and resemble cupcakes so they’re quite welcoming in appearance. In the Pokemon-Amie feature, trainers can directly interact with their Pokemon and feed them Poke Puffs, which in turn will raise their affection points. A delicacy made to nurture the bond between trainer and Pokemon, Poke Puffs’ sweet presentation and motifs of rapport make them a desirable treat.

7. Sweetrolls – The Elder Scrolls Series

Courtesy of Bethesda

Sweetrolls from The Elder Scrolls series not only look appetizing, but are quite purportedly delicious to a fault. What seems like a simple dessert has traversed through the series as an interesting, yet slightly concerning source of theft and mugging. A confection so scrumptious, beware of thugs approaching you in an alleyway to steal it.

6. The Strawberry Shortcake – Kirby: Squeak Squad

Image courtesy of HAL Labratory

You might be wondering why a normal (albeit pixelated) strawberry shortcake is making an appearance on this list. It looks like any old strawberry shortcake, right? Wrong. In the context of Kirby: Squeak Squad, this is probably the most important cake ever. The entire purpose of Kirby’s adventures, battles and subsequent defeat of an evil entity known as the Dark Nebula all revolve around the sole purpose of retrieving this stolen strawberry shortcake. In other words, saving the world was secondary to getting this cake back. For Kirby to go through this much, one must wonder just how ethereal this strawberry shortcake must taste.

5. Sea Salt Ice Cream – Kingdom Hearts Series

Image courtesy of Square Enix

One of the core themes of the Kingdom Hearts series is camaraderie, and a tangible symbol of this motif comes in the form of the sea salt ice cream we see the characters often eat. Particularly significant to the story of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, main characters Roxas, Axel and Xion forge a strong friendship through the lighthearted activity of indulging in the ice cream with one another. Described as having its titular salty, yet sweet taste, the sea salt ice cream’s endearing role in bringing the trio (Dubbed appropriately by fans as “The Sea-Salt Trio”) together make it a beloved and coveted treat amongst players.

4. Stupendous Stew – Super Mario Odyssey

Courtesy of Nintendo

The famous signature dish of the Volbonans from Super Mario Odyssey’s Luncheon Kingdom, the illustrious “Stupendous Stew” certainly looks appetizing. The Luncheon Kingdom itself is such a brilliant depiction of a food-themed location, taking creative advantage of fruits, vegetables and even silverware to create a fun, delectable world. The pot of Stupendous Stew sitting atop Mount Volbano is deeply innovative and makes this particular meal even more desirable. After all, something so sacred and carefully prepared at the apex of a place like the Luncheon Kingdom is sure to be delicious!

3. The Midgar Special – Final Fantasy VII Remake

Image courtesy of Square Enix

Did you know that the layout design of The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar was inspired by pizza? Final Fantasy VII Remake would touch upon this delightful trivia with the feature of “The Midgar Special,” an actual pizza recipe that’s the signature of supporting character Jessie Raspberry and her mother. It’s also the center of a sweet arrangement made between Cloud and Jessie, in which Jessie promised to make the pizza for Cloud following a heist. The ingredients, of which Jessie stated she only uses the best, include marche, luche, black milly and red shelly (All of which we, in alliance with Cloud Strife, cannot identify.) In spite of this, listening to Jessie, Biggs and Wedge rave about how delicious the Midgar Special is definitely has us pining for this cheesy, crispy allusion.

2. Leblanc Curry – Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal

Image Courtesy of Atlus

I think most Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal players would leap at the chance to try Cafe Leblanc’s famous and purportedly delicious curry. A recipe exclusive to cafe owner and major supporting character in Persona 5, Sojiro Sakura, the curry also serves as the source of a touching backstory between Sojiro and his daughter (another major supporting character) Futaba Sakura. The curry can also be made and consumed by the player in the Metaverse dungeons to restore skill points (or SP). Leblanc curry’s homely and quite literal healing properties make it the soothing meal we’d all love to try. 

1. Ignis’ Cooking – Final Fantasy XV

Courtesy of Square Enix

When it came down to Ignis’ cooking, we couldn’t pick just one recipe. Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis truly does live like the prince he is with a chef like Ignis ready to prepare state of the art meals like “Seasoned Midgardsormr” or “Carp of the Diem” for him and the rest of the party. This fun cooking mechanic comes into play when Noctis and his party decide to camp out for the night and the player can then choose what recipe Ignis will make for them, each offering special buffs to help your party in the overworld. A dish like “Smoked Behemoth” really got me wondering what meat from this iconic Final Fantasy monster must taste like.

Are there any foods from video games that you’re dying to try in the real world? Let us know in the comments!

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