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The Voices of FaZe 5 (Part 7)

Let the world know who you are in up to five minutes of story and passion.

Stage 2 of the #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge is upon us. Of the more than 200,000 entrants, the field has been narrowed down to the top 100 prospects who now have eyes of continuing their success and earning one of the highly coveted spots in stage 3—the top 20. Over the past two weeks, each one of them has put their talents, creativity, and passion to use to complete the challenges given to them by FaZe.

You will hear from five of these people here– not only hear them, but get a feel for their personalities, spirits, and ambitions.

These are The Voices of FaZe 5: Part 7.

Swaz | 17-Year-Old Content Creator | #FaZeSwaz

Dwayne, a.k.a Swaz, a.k.a Big Swaz is a 17-year-old content creator from New York. Young Swazzle entertained his way into the top 100 of the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge with his natural ability to make people laugh and put out banger content. Swaz has had the mindset of a grinder even as a youngin’ creating fire Minecraft and Roblox content when he was around 10 years old. Fast forward to 2020, Lil Swaz has evolved into Big Swaz, as he is now on the road to 100k subscribers on YouTube and currently sits at 65,000. Despite the numbers he’s put on the board, he’s adopted an underdog’s mentality as inspiration to stand out from the crowd and prove the doubters wrong. His desire for success is also fueled by his goal to buy his mom a house and pay off her debt for all the love and support she’s given. Representing the Empire State, the young New Yorker strives to continue to make people laugh as a member of FaZe Clan. Stay tuned for the come-up as Big Swaz looks for more big w’s on his road to joining FaZe and becoming one of the funniest content creators on YouTube.

You’re an underdog, so you gotta bark louder – Swaz





Swaz hoppin’ into the top 20 like…

Humble Freeloaders | Musician, Beatboxer, Gamer, Artist & Variety Content Creator | #FaZeHumble

Diversity, variety, versatility—in short, this is what personifies 22-year-old variety content creator Alvin Raflores, A.K.A. Humble Freeloaders. Born and raised in the Old Dominion state of Virginia, Raflores realized early on that he didn’t care how long it took to make content creation a career so long as it one day became a reality. His passion for content creation started at the age of 12 and he has since become a jack-of-all trades, specializing in gaming, music production, beatboxing, editing, photography, videography, and much more. This versatility has landed Raflores a well-deserved spot in the top 100 of the FaZe 5 RC, but he’s not content to stop there; he looks to show FaZe his many talents firsthand, as one of their newest members. Raflores is highly motivated to achieve success so that he can give back to the people he loves, ensuring that all can chase their dreams. It is this mindset that inspired his name, ‘Humble Freeloaders,’ which is short for “stay humble and freeload on all the good karma and feelings.” #HumbleGang

Among his biggest goals in life include producing music for famous artists, performing at the biggest music festivals, becoming a video and photo editor, and having the financial freedom to give back.

Freeload humbly – Humble Freeloaders







Rockst4r | Elite COD Sniper, Personal Trainer, Streamer & Content Creator | #FaZeRockst4r

Don’t call it a comeback.

The OG of the Call of Duty sniping scene is back and better than ever. Tyler Nolan, better known as CoD legend Rockst4r, forever cemented his name in the FaZe history books when he became the first ever winner of the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge back in 2013. Seven years later, he is back for his second run in the top 100 and comes equipped with even more to offer FaZe than last time. The 28-year-old from South Carolina is now an ACSM certified personal trainer and collegiate esports coach, on top of being widely regarded as one of the greatest Call of Duty snipers of all time—he is even the creator of the one and only Call of Duty 3 montage ever uploaded by FaZe. As a gamer and trainer, Rockst4r strives to continue his passion for helping others by bridging the gap between gaming and fitness in a way that few people can (FaZe Fitness comeback?? 👀) In the meantime, you can catch Rockst4r just playing games, lifting weights, and living life as he looks to make history yet again as the first ever two-time FaZe 5 winner. 

OMG: 2x.

Health is wealth. – Rockst4r




Tik Tok:

Fahlro | High Level Gamer & Content Creator | #FaZeFahlro

U.K. culture meets L.A. FaZe lifestyle.

The United Kingdom’s own, Faris a.k.a Fahlro is an avid gamer and content creator from London.  Fahlro’s path to the top 100 was paved by his personality and high-level gameplay, snatching top spots on leaderboards on various games such as Valorant, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and CS:GO. While his gaming prowess is undeniable, the U.K. standout has shown that he is much more than a high-level gamer: he’s also a self-made visionary and artist who creates his own edits and designs. Fahlro strives to change the perspective of what a pro gamer looks and sounds like, while inspiring a new generation the same way FaZe inspired him. His passion for success and being the best at what he does is fueled by his desire to become one of the biggest content creators and take care of the people who support him. He’s drilling his way into FaZe one step at a time.

Among Fahlro’s other ambitions in life include inspiring the next generation of content creators through gaming or lifestyle-based content, winning a major video game tournament, and working with brands he feels passionate about.

“Content is king” – Hector Rodriguez (OpTic HECZ)






GrantTheGoat | 17 Year Old Fortnite Mobile Phenom & Content Creator | #FaZeGrant, #FaZeGoat

What is a G.O.A.T. ? Undeniable. Astonishing. Greatness.

What one can do via a mobile device is seemingly limitless nowadays—communicate wirelessly, listen to music, use Wi-Fi, organize personal information, even order food with a touch of a button— but only a select few have used this modern technology to become YouTube sensations.  

It is with a true G.O.A.T. ‘s (greatest of all time, for the uncultured) mentality that GrantTheGoat has blossomed into one of the gaming community’s brightest young stars. His ascension to nearly two million subscribers on YouTube in a little over two years is a testament to his uncanny skill and rare ability to dominate competition as a mobile player in Fortnite Mobile. Despite his early success, Grant has made it his mission to remain humble and keep striving to be the best version of himself possible. It is this mindset that motivates the young Youtuber to refuse to let any negativity have an influence on him, thus the inspiration behind his motto: ‘Positive vibes only.You can find out more about GrantTheGoat in this Stropse exclusive interview here.

Positive vibes only – GrantTheGoat



And that does it for this edition of The Voices of FaZe 5. We wish these five individuals and the rest of the participants the best of luck as we approach the next stages of the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge. #Top20

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