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The Worst Fortnite Seasons of All Time

There have been some straight-up terrible seasons of Fortnite throughout the years. Some seasons made the game so toxic and so unplayable that players all around the world stopped playing. Here are the worst of the worst.

Courtesy of Epic Games

No. 5: Season 4

This was when jetpacks were first added to the game, and they were pretty stupid if I have to be honest. People were into them for about a day until they realized that they did pretty much nothing but get you some height advantage.

No. 4: Season 1

This season is only bad, because it was the first season of the game and the developers were still trying to figure everything out. It is totally understandable that the original season would be on this list. I have a ton of good memories from this season, but looking back years later, they have really made everything better.

No. 3: Chapter 2 Season 2

This is the Chapter 2 season to be on this list, which says something about the continued growth of the game. The fact that they are able to pump out quality seasons years after the game came out originally is fantastic. This season brought on bosses to the map where if you killed them, you would get a mythic weapon. I was against this as I thought it made the game a little much, having so many mythic weapons around the map. It was a fun little challenge, but not my favorite thing they have ever done  

No. 2: Season 7

Season 7 was almost as bad as Season X in terms of terrible things being added to the game. This season, planes were added and totally broke the game. They could fly through buildings and take little damage, and they were also able to shoot other players. If this was not bad enough, the first-ever mythic item was added to the game called the Infinity Sword. It would cause 75 damage per hit and would also collect a ton of materials which each hit. On top of this, you could also jump crazy far. It was a mess of a season all around. 

No. 1: Season X

This is a pretty much given and any fan of Fortnite will know that this season was just so bad. The M.E.C.H was introduced and is still, in my opinion, the worst thing to ever be added to the game. It was a player-controlled robot type thing that was so OP it was not even funny. It totally changed the way the game was played, and normal skills no longer mattered once someone was in one of these bad boys. At one point #RemoveTheMech was trending worldwide.

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