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These are the Reasons Why You Suck At VALORANT

Ranking up is tough in VALORANT just like in other competitive games, but it’s not the only thing preventing you from reaching higher elos. There are a couple of things every player should do during the game to win a match in VALORANT

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

In other words, let me tell you why you suck at this game.

You’re Not Communicating

Photo courtesy of Short Term 12

Communication is the most important thing in VALORANT, as in life (life coach writer here.) Teammates need to tell each other their opponents’ positions, what they think, or which strategy would be better in the way of victory. I know, voice chat might be toxic sometimes, but you can still be the guy who lights a fire among the team. If you don’t want to talk with strangers, it’s still fine; there are multiple pings in the game to give some information to allies, and believe me, using them is better than not communicating at all. 

You’re Not RAMBO!

Yes, watching a movie like Rambo can be enthusing, but it’s not the way this game works. “VALORANT is a team-based tactical shooter.” I’m not making this up, Riot says it. So, no matter how good you are, it’s impossible to win a game all alone. Everyone needs each other and should help one another. Don’t act like a superhero in every scenario, even Avengers had to gather an army to beat Thanos.

OMG! How Bad Is Your Aim?

Photo courtesy of 9GAG

You’ve heard that line for more than once in voice chat, didn’t you? LOL, I didn’t. 

Nevermind, the good thing is, it’s a problem which can be solved with a little bit of work. VALORANT is quite different from other FPS games because aiming is a lot less important since players can get a lot done with the abilities. However, you still have to use your gun at the end, of course. In order to improve aiming, practice range and deathmatch are two useful tools, but you need to find the right sensitivity first. After a bit of hard work, your aim will be at a decent level.

Show Some Respect to the Abilities

Most VALORANT players have had different-person shooter experiences in the past. The crucial point is there are no other FPS games similar to VALORANT in terms of abilities. Being an aim god makes someone an unstoppable player in another game usually, but it’s so easy to outplay such players with abilities in VALORANT. You always have to consider utilities when you’re taking actions. 

Maps are Your Playground. Don’t Learn Them, Live in Them

If you don’t know where you are exactly, it isn’t possible to do something helpful. Lucky you, there are only five maps in VALORANT, so learning them quickly is easy. Still, “basic learning” won’t be enough to get you ahead of other players. Figuring out the common spots and analyzing opponent players’ peeking sights are essential since this will give you foresight in every map. Isn’t it more effortless when you’re well-aware what enemies will do next?

These are the five things you need to improve to get better in VALORANT, but there will be times that these won’t be enough to win. At times like this, you need to enter the Avatar state. Good luck, have fun, don’t lose.

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