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This Warzone U-Turn trick is awesome

I am not great at driving the vehicles in Warzone; any one of the boys in my squad can tell you that. But it seems that other players who are actually good at driving in-game have found a really sick new way to use the trucks.

Courtesy of Activision

The trick is relatively simple and honestly not even that game breaking. Some of you who play the game a lot may have already started to use it. The key is to get into a vehicle by yourself and roam around until you eventually get shot at. From there, all you need to do is pull a quick U-turn to position the car to face whoever is shooting at you. Finally, you need to quickly switch seats so that you are in the passenger seat of the vehicle and then you are totally able to destroy the team. Being in a large vehicle is ideal as it gives you more time to kill your enemies before they destroy your car or truck.

I am one of those players who uses a trick or glitch to their full advantage after finding it, so you better believe I’m about to roll up to a fight in a truck with my boys. I applaud any of you to ignore these glitches in an attempt to keep the purity and fairness of the game alive, but I am not one of you. My opinion is, if the trick is there, it is up to the game’s developers to fix it. Until then, I am going to have fun with it.

Check out the guy featured here who has this tactic down to a science. In terms of this glitch/trick, I honestly think that nothing bad comes out of it. Everyone has the opportunity to try it out, and I could see the developers allowing this to stay in the game. I suppose we can only wait and see.

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