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This Week in Gaming Foolery: December 1-7

Say what you will about the internet—comment on the drama it can bring, the toxicity, and any other negative connotations that come with it. There’s always the good and there’s always the bad. But always, too, is the downright silly, unusual, goofy, and simply funny.   

No matter how you feel about the internet, one thing we can all (hopefully) agree on is that it is good for some frequent laughs. In this newly-formed series titled “This Week in Gaming Foolery,” we take a look at some random esports and gaming-related shenanigans, memes, clips, and other funny moments across social media from the previous week.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of this past week’s LOL’s from an always active and humorous gaming community.


Last week, Fortnite’s massive Galactus event laid the foundation for season five of the popular battle royale game. With a record 15.3 million concurrent viewers, it became the game’s largest event to date, beating the previous record of 12 million held by Travis Scott’s “Astronomical.” Social media was quick to book the fantasy matchup of Fortnite’s top headliners…

The classic case of an unenthused pet from a very-much =-so enthused gamer/owner. The feeling is not mutual.

The reasoning behind the process of dreams and what occurs in them is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. This is especially the case with popular streamer Nickmercs, whose dreams are apparently full of an intriguing mix of the Fortnite music and other random, thrilling, and odd events.

Sometimes it’s the seemingly obvious things that trip you up the most, especially in a tactical game like Chess, as demonstrated by G-FUEL-powered streamer BeasttrollMC.

Just when you think that the wildly popular murder mystery known as Among Us couldn’t possibly muster anymore buzz, blockbuster headlines, memes, etc., etc., etc., this happens– the game of the century, full of more star power than the combined forces of those astronomical galaxial objects themselves. 

Or at least, that was the highly ambitious idea from 100 Thieves content creator Neekolul

You done been dupped. Lol.

Remember Fall Guys? Upon its release, the game quickly became one of the most popular games in the world during a meteoric rise unlike nothing we’ve seen in quite some time. That was only three months ago… Now, with the ascent of Among Us and the release of Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most-anticipated releases in the history of mankind, it looks like the game’s stock will continue to fall (pun intended) in the gaming hierarchy.

Nonetheless, the game is still popular and good for plenty of entertainment, such as this clip with a miraculous victory via a fortuitous bounce…

Wouldn’t be surprised if that led to a rage moment from the person on the wrong side of that exchange. Similar to this guy…

To yeet or not to yeet… that is the question.

Pop culture + memes + creativity + the internet = a dangerous combination. This is what happens when social media does its thing… Foolery at its finest. If you didn’t see or hear about the recent Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson fight, you have now…

The Cyberpunk 2077 hype was real. So much so that it inspired this silly rendition of the game’s world premiere trailer

This has been your weekly reminder that the gaming verse is fundamentally fun, extravagantly entertaining, and full of foolery.

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