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This Week in Gaming Foolery: December 8-14

Say what you will about the internet—comment on the drama it can bring, the toxicity, and any other negative connotations that come with it. There’s always the good and there’s always the bad. But always, too, is the downright silly, unusual, goofy, and simply funny.   

No matter how you feel about the internet, one thing we can all (hopefully) agree on is that it is good for some frequent laughs. In this newly-formed series titled “This Week in Gaming Foolery,” we take a look at some random esports and gaming-related shenanigans, memes, clips, and other funny moments across social media from the previous week.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of this past week’s LOLs from an always-active and humorous gaming community.


What better way to start this week’s edition than with some classic FaZe foolery. Over the years, the Clan has made it somewhat of a running joke to playfully poke at the nerves of FaZe Clan owner, FaZe Banks. This has resulted in some classic content that has helped propel the organization into the powerhouse that it is today. Here, they decided to revisit a vintage clip orchestrated by FaZe Teeqo, and FaZe Temperrr, which saw Banks get knocked upside the noggin with a soccer ball.

Watch this vintage clip for some added context and laughs.

Source: FaZe Teeqo/YouTube

When the whole squad pulls up… Schemes from FaZe pro gamer, FaZe Mew.

How many can relate? Straight from the cheesiest guy on the internet himself, Colbyyy.

So Sephiroth was introduced to Smash as a new character last week 😂 😂. Props to animator Dead Line for this.

Yet another unplanned cat appearance (this makes five in two weeks), comes from digital media specialist Max J. Chan’s cat with some feline foolery…

Popular Twitch streamer Adept got caught slippin’ talking about Luminosity Gaming’s xQc on stream. Lol.

On the flip side of this, I’ve definitely been carried to a victory or two as an imposter…

Still a dub though…

Unfortunate facts.. Those that know remember how ridiculously long GTA load screens were.

Try not to laugh challenge.
Saw this tweet from G FUEL sponsored internet personality, Mike Majlak.

Nate is still the man though…

Last week brought us the release of one of the most highly-anticipated games in this universe’s history, Cyberpunk 2077. So anticipated, that the game had a peak of 1,054,388 players logged in simultaneously on Steam within only the first couple hours. Fans quickly realized the massive amount of space the game takes up on the PC, while many also reported being stuck at 57.4 GB during the download process. Naturally, the internet responded with memes galore…

This has been your weekly reminder that the gaming verse is fundamentally fun, extravagantly entertaining, and full of foolery.

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