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Thor Will Appear in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Fortnite is one of those games that just doesn’t quit. From its never-ending controversy with Apple to its constantly changing player approval ratings, Fortnite just keeps chugging along season by season, chapter by chapter. With that being said, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is right around the corner. Here is what we know so far about when it’s coming out and the new updates that will be added.

Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 will be released Thursday August 27. The game will be sticking to its usual history of having major updates come out on Thursday, a consistency that fans appreciate as they now know that most Thursdays, they can expect at least some sort of update and sometimes even a new season, as is the case this week.

Even before Fornite’s Season 4 release, viewers have already gotten a sneak peek into what they can expect for the next season from an Epic Games tweet that had Marvel lettering and a glimpse of what viewers think is Thor. A comic was also released to the public which mentions Thor by name, giving players even more evidence that the God of Thunder will have a major part in the next season. Fortnite and Marvel have already had a couple instances of coming together, such as the inclusion of Thanos as a playable character a while back and Deadpool’s yacht as a location on the map. Having Thor in the game leaves so much to the imagination. Will his hammer be a weapon placed around the map just waiting for players to come get it and be the most powerful? Will thunder become an important part of the game? Having Thor in the game also brings up the question, “Will he be the only superhero this season?” I could see Epic surprising players by including other heroes in the game to give Thor some backup.

This is actually the first season of Fortnite in 2020 to still be scheduled for release the same date it was first announced. COVID has seemed to have a hard effect on the Fortnite creators’ ability to stick to schedule and get new seasons out on time, but it seems that they have gotten back on track, as this season is still expected to drop on time.

There are rumors and leaks coming out every hour. Players are dying to get their hands on any information they can about the upcoming season. Thor’s presence potentially being added to the game in the upcoming days has only made players more excited about the knockout season to come.

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