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Titles of the Future: Outriders

What seems to grow and gain steam every day is the prospect of humanity’s relocation to other planets scattered throughout our galaxy. As technology advances, it doesn’t seem like such a far-fetched idea anymore. Like Bob Dylan said, “The Times They Are a-Changin’.” Maybe they could change in space. 

Still, the goal of achieving intergalactic travel and terraforming a new world is best considered a long, long, long, LONG-term goal. This means that, for a while yet, video games, T.V. and books will be as close as we get to space travel. Thanks to developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix, we have another virtual world to explore and colonize as part of the upcoming 1-3 player co-op RPG shooter Outriders.

This photo, and all photos in this article, courtesy of Square Enix

The year is 2159 and Earth has been destroyed by war and climate change. To ensure the continuance of humanity, explorers set out to find another planet to inhabit. After an 80-year cryo sleep, they find, deep in space, the alien planet of Enoch. Rich with bountiful resources and a supportive atmosphere that allows them to pioneer and carry on the human race, humans have finally found a home. That is, until plans go awry.

After detecting a peculiar signal emanating from an unknown location on the planet, a search party is dispatched to find the source of the signal. What the party did not plan to encounter was a massive energy storm, known as The Anomaly. As the storm ravages the planet, both Enoch’s inhabitants (you didn’t think the planet was barren, did you?) and the colonists acquire superpowers that will change the course of the future.

Having to enter cryosleep for another 30 years, players awaken to a new and hostile planet to find they have become superhuman: one of the “Altered.” To survive, players must create and customize their own Outrider to battle for dominance. Players will choose from one of four distinctive classes, each equipped with an ass-kicking array of abilities, and build their specialized soldier to fight for their lives in this bloody, bone-crushing, truly epic role-playing game.

Outriders is developed with an orthodox sensibility provided as seen with its hardcore combat-style and captivating storyline and lore. From the get-go, players customize every detail of their character from gender, hair and skin color to the inclusion of scars, piercings and body paint – and name, of course. The customization doesn’t stop there either. Attribute customization is finely detailed as well, with deep skill trees and boundless skill modifications. 

See the gameplay for yourself.

Akin to other games with base shooter mechanics and RPG equipment loading like Destiny and Gears of War – another People Can Fly masterpiece – Outriders packs a wallop of brutality and angst as players go head-to-head against alien life forms that just don’t feel like sharing. 

Be on the lookout for this awesome adventure to hit shelves in early 2021. Prepare yourself for planet Enoch, it’s going to get ugly. 

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