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Tombstone Soda is returning in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies

With Season One of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (BOCW) in full swing, players have been treated to new weapons, challenges, and much more thanks to the Battle Pass and constant updates.

That’s not all though, as Treyarch has teased the arrival of “Tombstone Soda” sometime in 2021 for the game’s Zombies mode

It’s back… sort of. Courtesy of Treyarch.

Objectively speaking, 2020 was a year everyone wants to forget, and people all over the world looked forward to seeing the year off, and starting the next year fresh. With all the celebrations going on commemorating the end of perhaps one of the worst years in recent history, BOCW players may have missed a subtle tweet from Treyarch’s official account. 

To recall, Tombstone Soda allows players to leave a tombstone powerup – hence the name – with all their perks and weapons ready to pick up after they bleed out. The tombstone will remain on the map for about 90 seconds before completely disappearing, giving the players a small window to get to their grave and salvage their gear. 

So far, Tombstone has only appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the map “TranZit,” and the Town map – when playing survival mode in multiplayer – with the perk spawning in the Power Station on the former. The perk can be bought for 2000 points in both instances.

How the perk will work in BOCW is still unknown, though it’s assumed that players will keep their weapons and perks, save for Tombstone itself. With BOCW Zombies introducing new elements such as armor, salvage, and scorestreaks, it will be interesting to see if those will carry over once the player picks up the powerup, especially since players lose all armor, salvage, and scorestreaks if they bleed out under normal circumstances. 

Additionally, since there are already six perks available – with players being able to equip all six at any given time – it will be fascinating to observe whether or not a player will be capped at six perks or seven. At any rate, players will have to be strategic with the perks they get as the price of each perk gets more and more expensive. 

No word yet on when Tombstone Soda will release or what the specifics of the perk are. However, with a rumored Zombies map – allegedly set in Vietnam – dropping some time with Season Two on Feb. 24, it makes a lot of sense to see the perk make an appearance then. 

Lastly, multiple perks that were stated to be included in future seasons of BOCW – Double Tap, PHD Flopper, Mule Kick and the aforementioned Tombstone – were leaked in late 2020, so those may be coming to BOCW Zombies in future seasons. Nevertheless, be on the lookout for the classic Zombies perk sometime in the coming months. 

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