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Top 10 Holiday-Themed Pokemon

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with Pokemon? See our top 10 choices of “holly-jolly” Pokemon.


10. Froslass

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

Known as the “Snow Land Pokemon,” Froslass is a dual ice-ghost type with a graceful and elegant appearance. Her design is most likely based on a Japanese ice spirit known as “yuki-onna,” but in some respects, she also resembles a snow angel, giving off a gentle holiday vibe. Now if only we could see her sit atop a Christmas tree!

9. Litwick

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

Perhaps a ghost-fire dual type Pokemon isn’t the most wintry, but given that candles are a huge motif during the festive season, Litwick interestingly gives off a holiday aesthetic. Candles create a beautiful ambiance of light and warmth and are often used for religious practices during this time of year. Given that this Pokemon is quite literally a candle, we found it to be unexpectedly fitting to the holiday season. 

8. Sawsbuck

Image Courtesy of Pixabay and Pokemon Pets

Dubbed appropriately as the “Season Pokemon,” Sawsbuck’s majestic appearance changes with each season. Its winter form in particular is truly befitting of a snowy Christmas setting. While deer classically denote winter and the holidays, Sawsbuck leans more towards what would be, as its name indicates, a buck, which differs from the more conventional reindeer. As such, Sawsbuck is more evocative of the winter aesthetic seen from the indoors of a cozy home in the night rather than the fantastical reindeer figure that’s pulling Santa’s sleigh. 

7. Cryogonal

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

A clear definition of the holidays and winter season, Cryogonal is a crystal entity that is blatantly based off of snowflakes. A little intimidating at first, this ice-type reminds us of the snowfall so very much coveted during the Christmas and winter time. While falling snowflakes are always a beautiful sight, falling Cryogonal may not have the same, dainty aesthetic…

6. Jirachi

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

The “Wish” Pokemon Jirachi is another unexpected addition to this list, but if you look closely, you’ll see that Jirachi looks just like a star at the top of a Christmas tree! The holiday season is also often viewed as a time of miracles and “Christmas wishes,” which further correspond to Jirachi’s role as the “Wish Pokemon.” 

5. Pineco

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

What could Pineco possibly be based on? In all seriousness though, Pineco’s a definitive entry on this list with its “pinecone” appearance. Pine trees have always been indicative of the holiday season, from their decorated displays right down to their deeply satisfying aroma. While pinecones strewn about in the snow is solid Christmassy imagery, it should be noted that Pineco have an odd tendency to blow up if not handled properly. The festivities will be explosive you could say!

4. Chingling

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

Sleigh bells ring, are you Chingling? Why yes, you are! We’ve seen many Pokemon based off of manufactured items in the past and Chingling’s design takes the cake for its depiction as a sleigh bell! Belonging to a subgroup known as Baby Pokemon, Chingling apparently makes sounds as it moves and its red and white tassels almost look like candy canes. Here’s a fun challenge: change the word “Jingle” to “Chingling” when you sing a Christmas song! 

2. Stantler

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

Earlier we discussed how Sawsbuck didn’t seem to fit the profile of the caricature Christmas reindeer; with its more athletic and animated appearance, we’ve concluded that Stantler is the Pokemon that best exemplifies Santa’s four-legged helpers. While bereft of a red nose that glows, these “Big Horn” Pokemon bring to mind the more narrative and imaginative aspects of the holiday season with regard to Santa Claus and his twelve sleigh-pulling reindeer, or in this case, twelve sleigh-pulling Stantler.

2. Snover

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

We can all agree that Snover is probably the cutest pine tree we’ve ever seen. Furthermore, it is known as “The Frost Tree Pokemon” and is a grass-ice dual type. Pine trees are one of the most universal symbols of the holiday season, making Snover a solid pick for a “Christmassy Pokemon” list. You may be wondering why its evolved form Abomasnow wasn’t added alongside it, as it also has elements of a pine tree; unfortunately, looking upon Abomasnow, the phrase “Violent Christmas” flashed before our eyes.

1. Delibird

Image courtesy of PkmnCards

When it comes to deciding the most Christmassy Pokemon, Delibird takes the crown. An ice-flying dual type penguin, it is known as “The Delivery Pokemon” and its signature attack move is called “Present.” Delibird is the delightful personification of Santa Claus as a Pokemon, with its red and white color scheme and sack-like tail that resembles Santa’s own toy sack. It’s basically Penguin Claus. While it faces some criticism for its performance in battle, Delibird nonetheless is revered as the cute Christmas bird Pokemon (That potentially brings us gifts during the holidays!) It may not win battles, but it’s certainly won our hearts. 

Are there any Pokemon you’d add to the list? Let us know below!

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