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Top 10 Video Game Snowmen

In the Holiday Season, it’s a Snowman’s World! Check out our list of some of our favorite snowfolk from video games!

Courtesy of Nintendo

10. Snowmen – Spyro

Courtesy of Activision

The snowmen are enemies that appear in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Initially built by the Penguin species of the Frozen Altars realm, they were animated into their grisly forms by the Sorceress antagonist (Spyro: Year of the Dragon) and became aggressive. While sedentary for the most part, they will pick you up and throw you if you get close. Unfortunately, this is not very reminiscent of the friendly “Frosty the Snowman” figure we’d like to see of snowmen; however, they were *technically* brought into an agonizing existence not of their own will. Beware of these snow-goons whose carrot noses now take on the odd, yet understandable appearance of a horn.

9. Sir Slush – Banjo-Kazooie

Courtesy of Rare

If you thought the snowmen of Spyro were bad, nothing compares to the sheer nastiness of Sir Slush, the emblazoned jerk of all snowfolk. Native to the world of Freezeezy Peak, these obnoxious snowmen will go out of their way to launch painful, health-depleting snowballs at you, releasing a guttural laugh right before firing. While they’re downright detestable, it would not be the Freezeezy Peak we know and enjoy without them, not to mention, the satisfaction gained from eliminating them with Kazooie’s beak bomb attack.

8. Bleak – Donkey Kong Country 3

Courtesy of Rare

Let’s be real here; this is a scary snowman. And yes, the enemy-grade snowmen are located at the bottom of this list. 

Bleak the snowman has a little more regard than the previously acknowledged (When I say little, I mean like maybe a millimeter more) in that he doesn’t necessarily attack you unless you visit his turf, known appropriately as “Bleak’s House.” After all, no one likes a trespasser, right? However, this snowman boss is far from likeable with his disturbing villain laugh and deadly snowball-throwing skills. Although, his angry antics do make for one fun snowball boss fight. 

7. Hoary The Snowman – Final Fantasy XIV

Courtesy of Square Enix

Finally, a snowman that doesn’t give you, well…Chills. According to its official description, “Hoary was a jolly, happy soul, without a pipe, and without a nose, and two eyes made of something other than coal. Probably slag.” This adorable little snowman is available as a Minion in Final Fantasy XIV, which is a little pet-like creature that simply follows the player around if summoned. Hoary can be obtained at the token Christmas event of Final Fantasy XIV known as the Starlight Celebration. Though this snowman really only serves as an ornament, the idea of it following you around is exceedingly cute. 

6. Chilly – Kirby

Image courtesy of Fandom

“I thought that all of the enemy class snowmen were lower ranked?” That’s possibly what you’re thinking, but not Chilly from the Kirby series! While Chilly has a reputation as a recurring frosty adversary for Kirby, he is quite redeemable in Kirby Star Allies, acting as a powerful and reliable Helper granting Ice abilities. Chilly packs quite the peppermint punch with his slew of ice attacks, making him a formidable character and not to mention, one who’s delightfully cute (A trait shared amongst most characters of the Kirby series). 

5. Galarian Darmanitan + Zen Mode – Pokemon Sword and Shield Versions

Courtesy of Pokemon Database

While Darmanitan’s standard form is reminiscent of a mixture between the Japanese Daruma doll and an orangutan ape, the Galarian form of Darmanitan very notably resembles a snowman and perhaps a yeti. The snowman-like appearance of this Pokemon’s regional form is further highlighted by its Zen form, where it ironically becomes dual type with fire as its secondary type. It takes on a closer shape to that of a traditional snowman and most notably, the flame sprouting from its head almost looks like a “carrot” nose. This Poke-snowmon is an offensive force in battle and, according to Smogon University, a solid revenge killer.

4. Snowcat Palico – Monster Hunter World

Image courtesy of Capcom

Not a snow person, but…a snow cat? That just makes it even better. The Snowcat Palico is essentially just a regular palico adorned with the palico snow set armor, in which it takes on the appearance of a precious snow cat. Palicoes, the reliable, trusted partners of hunters, become even more lovable in snow form. In addition to that, what’s more threatening to a monster than a sentient snowcat?

3. Headless Snowman – Super Mario 64

Image courtesy of Nintendo

While the Mario series has its fair share of snowfolk, the  classic and amiable Headless Snowman came to mind as one of the greats. With a subtle and wholesome request to acquire a “good head on its shoulders,” this sets the player on a mission to essentially, well– Build a snowman! It is borderline dangerous as the player must slide the head down onto the body and avoid getting hit…However, once the snow head and body successfully become one, the snowman gives you the very-much-coveted reward of a Power Star. An interesting take on building a snowman and a prime example of symbiotic mutualism, this Headless Snowman mission is a memorable one!

2. Rob Frost – Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

Courtesy of Amccus

This snowman may perhaps be one of the lesser-known snowfolk on this list, however he is most certainly one of the most endearing. Cleverly named “Rob Frost,” this snowman has a delightful role in the farming simulator Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, appearing on a snowy winter’s night and knocking on your door. It turns out that Rob Frost is looking for his lost nose, which from his description, is most likely that of a carrot. If the player gives him a carrot, Rob Frost will happily accept his new nose with much gratitude and will station himself on your ranch. If the player approaches and speaks with him daily, they will receive an item everyday. This example of giving back is a meaningful salute to the holiday season and just overall really sweet, landing Rob Frost high on our list. 

1. Snow Boy – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image courtesy of Nintendo

At last, our number one snow person is none other than Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s dashing Snow Boy! The Snow Boy has been the talk of the month, offering those who build the perfect version of him a frozen DIY recipe in return. In some instance,s if you make an “imperfect” snowman, he’ll either praise you for your effort or in some cases, have a slight outburst. If successful, the Snow Boy will profusely compliment your “snow crafting” skills, along with some amusingly conceited remarks regarding his figure. The real reason however for his top rank stems from the experience the Snow Boy gives to players; the most significant part about a snowman is actually getting to build them. Regardless of perfect or not, players get to engage in the fun pastime of creating a snowman, especially during a year when most of us can’t go outside. The Snow Boy gives us this experience everyday during this holiday season, allowing us to live out the best parts of winter. 

Are there any prominent snowfolk from gaming you’d like to add to the list? Comment below!

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