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Top 25 League of Legends Skins

As a player involved in League for almost 6 years, I have seen an evolution of skin development throughout the course of the game. For some players, skins show off masteries of champions; some represent the winning teams of Worlds past; and some just flex high dollars. However, there are a few skins that have stood out to me, beautiful through their color, story and design. In no particular order, here are my favorite skins in League of Legends.

For this list, I chose five champions from each role. I made sure each champion was used once and each skin line was used once for fairness.

  1. Blood Moon Aatrox
Top 25 League of Legends Skins
Photo— and all photos used through this article— courtesy of Riot Games

The Darkin has a special spot in my heart. As one of the first champions I picked up, it was really hard to pick a skin between Sea Hunter (my first skin) and Blood Moon. I went with Blood Moon due to the Blood Moon thematic, which not only nods to the original Blood Well passive, but also to the skinlife colors that give Aatrox that new post-rework life.

2. Surprise Party Fiddlesticks

When Fiddlesticks got a rework in 2020, the Harbinger of Doom’s skins got a makeover. Perhaps one of the most exciting skins remade was that of Surprise Party Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks got new dialogue, plenty of balloons and unique design sure to terrify any birthday party.

3. Star Guardian Syndra

The Star Guardian skinline is perhaps one of the most popular skins in the entire game. It’s near-impossible to choose just one, but Syndra’s cute orbs and abilities make her stand out in my mind.

4. True Giants Senna

In recent years, Riot Games has shown success with creating pop groups out of its characters. True Damage was created for the 2019 World Championships and with this, a new skin line. Senna, at the same time, got her release skin to join this incredible line up. From the music playing during her abilities to the aesthetic similar to that in the music video, True Damage Senna makes a wonderful first skin for a new champion.

5. DJ Sona

Sona is one of a few champions who got an Ultimate Skin in the past decade. Out of these skins, this one is just an overall star of skins. From references to Daft Punk, the ability to change music mid-game, and her amplified abilities, DJ Sona is an incredible skin to have in your collection.

6. Count Kledula

There’s always a champion that people pick up on release and just immediately fall in love with, and for me, that was Kled. Kled’s ridiculous dialogue, simple kit and hilarious ultimate made him a fun champion play. Count Kledula was his second skin and the vampire attire made the lovable Noxus yordle even more fun to play.

7. Full Metal Pantheon

Another example of a skin better on rework was that of Full Metal Pantheon. At first, I forgot I even owned this skin. It was an outdated skin with not as exciting visuals. However, upon rework, Pantheon was clad in a robot attire. Every time I play Pantheon now, I don the sweet look.

8. Debonair Galio

Galio is a wonderful example of a champion with multiple great skins. From his Gatekeeper skin with new voiceover to his Birdio skin delivering chicken with every Hero’s Entrance, Galio has breathtaking skins. In the end, I had to go with Debonair Galio: who doesn’t love seeing a colossus in a white suit?

9. High Noon Jhin

The High Noon skinline, similar to Star Guardians, has been an ever-growing skin concept. Cowboys and demons – what can’t go wrong. I had to give the spot of High Noon proffecianato to Jhin. From opening his Curtain Call to western themes to his bandito appearance, High Noon Jhin is just the western hero we needed.

10. Subterranean Nautilus

As I mentioned in my most played champions article, Nautilus is one of my favorite champions. Nautilus has a fair amount of skins. However, the Titan of the Depth turns into the titan of the underground with this skill. His anchor is replaced by a drill and his suit is a giant construction mech. Nautilus is just a titan in the support role and this skin supports that fact.

10. Beekeeper Singed

I remember walking in a grocery store in Florence when I saw Cloud9 take down Team Vitality with a Singed in the top lane. What skin did Licorice use? Beekeeper Singed, that’s what. In a meta focused on tanks such as Ornn, Sion and Urgot, seeing a Singed in professional play was incredible. For that reason, Beekeeper Singed stands out in my mind as an incredible skin.

12. Mecha Kingdoms Jax

Similarly to Galio, Jax has a myriad of wonderful skins. In the recent years, Jax’s legendary skin quality has gone up. God Fist Jax is also an incredible skin but I have to go with the skin that gives Jax an actual weapon.

13. Corgi Corki

Who doesn’t love corgis? The queen of England’s doggo of choice strikes the heart of many alike. When it was announced that Corki would be getting a new skin shaped as a Corgi, fans went crazy. Seeing a little Corgicopter in game just had to land this skin onto the list.

14. Tyrant Swain

Swain holds a special place in my heart. Another early pick-up champion, Swain’s ravens soared their way into my champion pool with his ability to turn into a raven and subsequently do damage. Tyrant Swain post rework is Swain’s best skin and his vocoded voice gives him a bit of terror on Summoner’s Rift.

15. Spirit Blossom Thresh

Ever wondered what would happen if LoFi was added to League? Well look no further than Spirit Blossom Thresh. This demon/human’s color scheme of lilac, white and purple gives it a bit of flare in game as well as in picture. This is hands down one the best Thresh skins released (and arguably one of the best in 2020).

16. Super Galaxy Rumble

Rumble doesn’t have a lot of great skins. So when they gave the Yordle and his super mech a superhero vibe, it became the default Rumble skins across professional league and beyond. I just love the Power Ranger vibes that this skin gives off and it had to make an appearance.

17. Poro Rider Sejuani

Any League player knows the adorable Poros that show up from time to time in different game modes across Riot Games. But have you ever seen a giant Poro being ridden on? Enter Poro Rider Sejuani. One of the Winter Wonderland skins, Poro Rider Sejuani makes its spot on the list for just being adorable and hilarious to play.

18. Conqueror Karma

Before MSI each year, Riot Games releases a Conqueror skin to celebrate the tournament. It was tough to choose between each of the ones released. I have to give the edge to Karma. Being the first in the line gives her a special edge, as well as beautiful effects and color scheme. The Enlightened One’s MSI skin just sets precedent for how incredible skins can be.

19. Captain Fortune

As one of the most played ADCs of 2020, I wanted to dedicate a special section to the Bounty Hunter. However, I was torn between the flashy Gun Goddess and this simple skin. I chose Captain Fortune because this was one of the first skins I crafted when Hextech Chests were released. Sometimes, simple is better. And for that, Captain Fortune takes the cake.

20. Moo Cow Alistair

You know what League of Legends needs? More cowbell! Everyone’s favorite bull is donning a cow onesie with grass and moos throughout his abilities. But he’s on the list for one reason: his dance is an homage to the famous cowbell scene from SNL.

21. Dreadnova Gangplank

Space pirates are cool. Enough said. Gangplank goes from revenge sea captain to revenge space pirate with special effects, space monsters, and lasers replacing the cannons for his Cannon Barrage ultimate. But his armor, scimitar and splash art make the revenge-seeking captain futuristic.

22. Arcade Hecarim

When the Arcade skins were first debuted, they were designed as multicolored, futuristic and infused with 8-bit references. Arcade Hecarim makes reference to a wide array of video games from life count to laser and even to Guitar Hero in recall. But the arcade pony is just a unique skin that is a favorite among players.

23. Dark Waters Vladimir

For a character made famous off of their myriad blood jokes, seeing Vladimir become a water bender makes this skin really mysterious and cool. From his Transfusion dispersing water across the attacks to the floating orb of water surrounding the Crimson Reaper, this skin gives waterbending a new meaning.

24. IG Kalista

As alluded to in the introduction of this article, the winner of the World Championship gets skins in their honor, and it was hard to choose just one, but I had to go with iG Kai’sa. In honor of Invictus Gaming’s famous AD Carry Jackeylove, he chose Kai’sa, in which he made multiple plays with the Void Daughter during the 2018 World Championships.

25. Bard Bard

For the final skin, I have to give it to the play on words. As a musician, any skin or champion that has something to do with music becomes an immediate favorite. Seeing Bard as an actual bard equipped with lyre and victorian garb, and his Meeps in Shakespeare collars, this skin’s goofy name and musical properties give it the final spot on my list.

So there you have it, my favorite skins in the game. What are your favorites?

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