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Top 4 Games Coming Out in October

October is going to be a great month for video games. With tons of games coming out on all different platforms, there are titles that everyone will be excited for. Here are my personal Top 4 games coming out this month that I am the most excited for.

Courtesy of Ubisoft

Starting at number four is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint which just came out the 4th of October. This is a sequel to the 2017 Ghost Recon Wildlands. This entire series is based off books created by Tom Clancy himself. This game will take place in Auroa, a fictional place based off of New Zealand. The game is supposed to have a darker tone than the previous game and focuses a lot on survival. This will for sure be a game I check out.

Courtesy of Activision

At number three is Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, which came out October 2nd. It has been more than 10 years without a game in this series and I for one am super pumped to finally get to go back to my youth and play Crash Bandicoot. The game will follow in similar footsteps as the previous games with how the characters function but will have some new powers and side levels.

Courtesy of Ubisoft

At number two, I have Watch Dogs: Legion, which is coming out October 29th . This is the 3rd game in the series and follows the first game in the series, which surprised a lot of people by being a really well-made game. Sadly, the second game in the series was not received as well by the public. Hopefully this third game will get the series back in track. The game will take place in London, which should make for some great action for the player.

Courtesy of Youtube, Vapex Karma

At number one, the game I am most looking forward to coming out this month has to be FIFA 21, which is coming out October 9th. I am going to be the first to admit it: I am terrible at this game. I am terrible at soccer in general. That being said, it doesn’t stop me from loving to play the game. With next-generation gaming devices right around the corner, I am super excited to see how this game takes the next steps to make itself even better.

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