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Top 5 All-Time Greatest Call of Duty Zombies Maps

Any Call of Duty fan knows that Zombies mode is an essential part of many of the games in the series. With so many maps coming out over the years, the question almost asks itself: which are the best? Before I even get to this list, I need to say now that many of you are probably not going to agree with my list. This is totally fine! It just gives you the opportunity to complain to me in the comments. So, without further ado, here is my list of the All-Time Top 5 Call of Duty Zombies maps.

Courtesy of Gameranx

Coming it at number 5 for me is Shadows of Evil, which came out in Black Ops 3. Some of you may already disagree with this, but let me explain. I really loved this map simply because of the amazing world that the map created. Set in the made-up town of Morg City, this map creates a massive replica of 1940’s New Orleans. From the characters to the scenery to even how the controllable players talk in their simple speaking roles all really make this map a masterpiece.

At number 4 is Mob of the Dead, which was released with Black Ops 2. This map, although nothing really special in mechanics or gameplay, had the most exciting storyline in any map I have ever played. Without giving too much away, if you complete the Easter Egg for this map (or just look online) it will leave you feeling like you just watched a full-length psychological thriller movie or TV show.

Courtesy of Activision

At number 3 is Kino der Toten, from the original Black Ops. This map is super easy, there is no way around it, but this is part of the reason it’s so fun. From its simple design to easy-to-learn mechanics, this map can easily be mastered quickly. Although some people may see this as a bad knock for the map, I find it makes this map amazing.  I like to feel good when I play video games, and there’s no better way to feel accomplished playing a video game than playing one that’s super easy.

At number 2 is Origins from Black Ops 2. This map is dope, no easier way to say it. From a giant robot that is constantly trying to step on you to amazing secret weapons, I highly recommend every fan of CoD Zombies to try this map.

At number 1, and I have a feeling that this might actually be a ranking that you all agree with me on is, DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

Der Riese. This map is just the shit, and everyone who has played it knows this fact. One of only two maps to ever be released 3 times in different games, this map has it all. Great map structure, amazing upgradable weapons, and even a great storyline, this is the map that most players think of when they think of great COD Zombies gameplay.

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