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Top 5 Battle Royale Games

Throughout the last couple years, Battle Royale games have become more than a hobby for some players, they have become a lifestyle. With the Battle Royale hype train fully leaving the station, producers have realized that this craze is here to stay, and more and more game have followed the BR formula. For those who do not know, a Battle Royale game is a game where a large group of players are dropped into a map by themselves or in teams, the goal being to be the last one standing. Think of it sort of like The Hunger Games. But with so many Battle Royale games out there, which ones are worth playing? In my humble opinion here are the top 5 Battle Royale games that have come out in recent years.

Top 5 Battle Royale Games
Photo courtesy of Techland

Coming in at number five is the game Dying Light: Bad Blood. This game takes the normal Battle Royale format of anywhere from 50-150 players and abridges it to only include 12 players (and swarms of zombies) on the map. This game was super fun to play back in 2018, but it never really caught on in the Battle Royale world. You might have trouble now even finding enough players for a 12-person game.

Courtesy of PUBG Corporation

Coming in at number four is the oldest game on this list, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). This is known to older players as the original Battle Royale game and was first released on steam. This game is known for having a more diehard fan base that takes the game very seriously, which for a noob gamer like me, is why it is so far down on my list. It is a very fun game, but I have neither the skill nor mindset to play it as seriously as the other players.

Courtesy of EA

Coming in a number three is the very solid Battle Royale Apex Legends. This game takes place in the Titanfall universe, where parkour and rocket jumps are the best ways to get around the map. What makes this game really special is the different character classes. When the game launched, there were around five different character options, each with their own special abilities and power-ups. Every few months a new character was added to the list, and for every new character, the players played the game a little differently. There was your usual healer character and your usual fast-paced character, but the developers got more and more creative with character customization as time went on. The game reached 25 million users in the first week and completely took over the Battle Royale world…for a month. By the time that month was up, people had mostly gone back to Fortnite. That being said, event though this game did not stay in the spotlight for too long, it is a really solid experience and a must play for any Battle Royale fan. This game also took me the shortest time to get a win, so for people who struggle at getting Battle Royale wins, this could be a game to check out.

Courtesy of Epic Games

Coming in at number two is Fortnite. It is almost painful to not put this game at number one just for all the great times I’ve had while playing it. This game came out my junior year of college right after I turned 21, so I have many great memories playing it right before my friends and I went out to the bars. Fortnite more or less started the modern-day phenomenon of Battle Royale games. With its cartoonish charm and easy-to-pick-up controls, this game took over the world. Even big names like Drake got in on the fad and played some games. This was the first time in my life that I saw a game become a worldwide cultural icon: EVERYONE was playing this game. To this day, there are weekly updates that keep the game fresh for players. If you tried this game back when it first came out and were not the biggest fan of it, I urge you to try it again, because it is not the same game it was when it first came out.

Courtesy of Activision

If you have seen my other articles, you already have to know what my number one Battle Royale game is. Even though it hurts me deeply to put aside all the great memories I have of Fortnite, without a doubt my favorite Battle Royale game is Warzone, baby. What do I even have left to say game that I haven’t spurted out already in my other articles? This game is just the best. The different ways to make cash and become powerful keep gameplay fresh. This is only possible because there’s not too big of a difference in how powerful weapons are; if you get any fully automatic gun and have enough skill, you can be well on your way to a victory. What makes this game so special is that skill comes before anything else. This is a rare thing to find in Battle Royale games, because as time goes on, usually the game becomes less about skill and more about finding the cool new weapons and power-ups. No matter what is added in this game, it never strays from its main purpose which is to have the player kick ass. No matter what the game, you can’t go wrong straining to end up on top of the BR dogpile. From Fall Guys to, more Battle Royale games are being made even as you read this sentence, so be sure to get in on the fun while it lasts.

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