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Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Eggs

In a massive world such as Cyberpunk 2077, there are bound to be a ton of Easter Eggs hidden throughout. I took a look and found my personal top 5. Perhaps there are some you have not even heard of yet.

Easter Egg
Courtesy of Youtube, Madqueen Show

#5- Mad Max

To find my 5th favorite Easter Egg, you need to go to the technical industrial area, where you will find a large truck and a couple dead bodies. One of these bodies is a bald woman who has grease on her face and a guy with a mask. This is a direct hint at the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Here is where you can find it on the map.

This photo, and all subsequent photos in this article, courtesy of CD Projekt Red

#4- Portal

At number 4, there is a hint to the famous game Portal in the Epistrophy side mission. Go up to the cab and talk to Delamain and you will hear a famous voice talk about a famous cake.

#3- The Witcher

At number 3, to no surprise there is a nod to another famous game made by the same developers called The Witcher. If you chose the Corpo life path, just head to V’s office after speaking with the boss and open the desk drawer on the right. You will see a magazine with The Witcher on it.

#2- Blade Runner

At number two, there is a nod to one of my favorite movies of all time, Blade Runner. When you are doing the main job M’ap Tann Peien you will be tasked to visit a abandoned hotel which is named after one of the main characters in the movie: Roy Batty.

#1- Cloverfield

At number 1 my favorite Easter Egg in the game by far is this really dope reference to Cloverfield series. A survival bunker can be found under a wind turbine in the eastern part of the map. In this bunker is a body wearing the same shirt John Goodman wore in the film. There is also a journal that talks about how the man was trying to protect a woman from the outside world, which is the plot of the movie.

Cyberpunk has its fair share of problems, but its references are right up there with the all-time greats. Be sure to check out this article on the inclusion of game star Hideo Kojima.

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