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Top 5 Games with The Most Toxic Players

Everyone rages at games sometimes, it’s a fact of life.  If you haven’t, then you haven’t played video games enough. But some games make people more toxic than others, and let me tell you from personal experience that the level of rage that some games elicit is absolutely absurd. So, going with my personal experiences, along with some research, here are the top 5 games with the most toxic, angry players.

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Coming in at number 5 is Fortnite. When the game first came out, it didn’t really have that toxic of a community, but after the game had been out a while and people had either gotten super good or super tired of it, players started to become toxic. Fortnite is a little different than any others on this list as you are not able to communicate with anyone else in the game. This leads to a whole new level of toxicity with players using trolling techniques in order to piss off other players. Although this trolling may not be as toxic as some of the games on this list, if you have ever been trolled while playing Fortnite, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

At number 4, we have Grand Theft Auto. Any open world game that has a multiplayer runs the risk of having players that will do nothing but try to ruin other players’ good times. With the ability to almost always be killed while in multiplayer, I used to find myself constantly getting chased down by players who could see me on the map. I had to sometimes enter passive mode just to be able to do simple things in the game without being continuously wasted by another player.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know what Fall Guys is. Even though it just came out around a month ago, its toxic players have made it number 3 on this list. With the game so hard to play and control, it gives players who have gotten skilled at the game the ability to push and harass other players on the map, sometimes to their death. The most frustrating mini game to be trolled on in my opinion is Slime Climb. If a player gets ahead and stands on the yellow beam that players need to cross, they will be able to block most players and make them get caught up in the slime, fully eliminating them from the game. I once saw a player do this and be one of the only two players to finish the round. This is just one of the many ways players can troll others and be extremely toxic. Be on the lookout in every round you play for that classic toxic player who wants to ruin your good time.

At number 2 is Minecraft. It may seem odd that such a simple and sweet game would have such a toxic community, but if you have ever played on a Minecraft public server, you know just how toxic some payers can be. While most players will play in harmony and work together to build amazing structures, there will always be one or two players that will make it their mission to destroy your beloved creations. Don’t let this game’s innocent nature fool you, there are plenty of trolls that will ruin your day. Be on the lookout.

And for the #1 spot, drumroll please…

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 By far, the game with the number 1 most toxic community has to be Call of Duty. If you were like me and grew up playing CoD, you most likely had first hand experiences being called a “squeaker” by older players. When I was a kid, any time I tried to open my mouth on game chat, I was immediately ridiculed and made fun of by every other older player in the lobby. I am pretty sure I learned most swear words from other players on this game. Despite all this, I sort of feel that it is almost like a coming of age journey that every player must face when they are young. I can tell you this, I for sure have a thicker skin because of all the torment I received growing up playing CoD. So at least that is a plus.

These are my top 5 most toxic games. What are yours? Leave a comment below with your own list.

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