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Top 5 iPhone Games of All Time

Before I had an Xbox or a PlayStation to play games on, I had my iPhone. And let me tell you, some of the most fun I have ever had playing video games has been on my trusty iPhone. There are millions upon millions of iPhone games on the app store, so it was a little hard for me to pick a top 5, but after some deliberation, here are my personal top 5 iPhone games of all time.

#5- Doodle Jump

At number 5 is Doodle Jump. In this game you control a little Doodle Guy as you move him to get around obstacles as you bounce up through the map. There are monsters that you need to dodge and even black holes that can suck you in if you are not carful. I remember when this game first came out, it was a cultural sensation. Everyone was playing this game. The thing that made this game so great was the constant updates, which added more levels to the game to keep players entertained. This game is still on my phone to this day. What’s more, there’s even an arcade version of the game that you can find at many arcades around the country. It might be even more fun than the original game itself.

Courtesy of Crazy Games

#4- Temple Run

At number 4 is Temple Run. In this game, you control an explorer who is trying to run away from a monster who is chasing him. You need to make sharp quick turns in order to not hit the wall and let the monster catch up to him. There are also some great power-ups that make the game even more fun. There are two versions of this game, but I personally like the first one better, as it has more of the classic feel to it. I still get anxiety when I think of that monster getting close to me.

Courtesy of Slashgear

#3 – Candy Crush

At number 3 is Candy Crush. There are plenty of games that have this same basic structure. Match fruits together to make combos and score points. The reason this game is so good is that there are literally a never-ending number of levels. I have a friend who has gotten into the thousands, and still the game shows no sign of running out of levels.

Courtesy of King

#2- Angry Birds

At number 2 is Angry Birds. This game was and is a cultural phenomenon. Numerous other games have been released after the original, and even a couple movies. Never has a game created such a market after it was released. On top of that, it is just the perfect game to play on the toilet. The feeling you get after you perfectly fling a bird and it destroys those evil little pigs will never get old.

iPhone Games
Courtesy of Rovio Entertainment

#1- Flappy Bird

At number 1 is Flappy Bird. This game is not even on the app store anymore because the creator felt so bad that people were getting so addicted and frustrated by the game. People were selling phones with the game on it for a huge markup because people wanted the game so bad after it was taken off the app store. I played this game for a while and I can see why people were so frustrated. It is beyond difficult to get good and even harder to become a master. Even though this is my favorite iPhone game of all time, I have no desire to ever play it again.

Courtesy of Dong Nguyen

Those are my top 5 iPhone games of all time. With the exception of the fabled Flappy Bird, all these games are still available on your phone if you ever care to re-download. What are you waiting for? Let yourself get sucked in again, for old time’s sake.

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