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Top 5 Video Game References in Family Guy

If you don’t know already, Family Guy is an adult cartoon focusing on a family which consists of the father Peter, the wife Lois, the baby Stewie, the son Chris, the daughter Meg, and the talking dog Brian. This is not your normal family: Peter is an absolute ass and the rest of the family is pretty crazy as well. With so many seasons of this show, Family Guy has a long history of scattering video game references throughout episodes. Here are my 5 favorites.

Family Guy
Courtesy of Fox

Coming in at number 5 is from season 14 episode 19 where Peter tells his friends that they should play the old school video game Double Dribble together. The clip goes on to show that Peter has found a game-breaking glitch that allows him to always hit a corner three no matter what his opponent does to try and stop him. The end result is honestly so funny with his friends getting so mad that he will not stop using the glitch. Peter screaming “corner three” over and over again never gets old. This is also just a fantastic episode in general.

Coming in at number 4 is from season 14 episode 18 where Peter and the new anchor Tom go skating together in an obvious spoof of the game Skate 3. Peter and Tom are doing insane tricks that could only be done in this famous game. The clip ends with Peter getting attacked by a bear for some reason? Seeing Peter’s fat body doing all these skating tricks is worth watching this episode alone.

Coming in at number 3 is from season 8 episode 10 where Peter loses his memory and learns to drive again by playing GTA. The results are pretty much how you would expect, and Peter ends up beating up a prostitute. I honestly laugh at this clip every time I see it, it is just so funny.

At number 2 is from season 8 episode 16 where Peter plays CoD online and is really bad. The reaction from the online lobby is just how you would expect. Seeing Peter playing CoD so badly, and everyone getting so mad at him is hilarious. It brings me back to when I was terrible at CoD and everyone would get mad at me online.

Number 1 is also from season 14 episode 19. Peter is playing the game Tecmo Bowl with his friends and using the Bo Jackson glitch. In this game, Bo Jackson is literally unstoppable, able to outrun and dodge every player. Peter gets the ball while playing as Bo and is able to run out the clock. The clip is super long but funny throughout. I find myself laughing for minutes at a time seeing his friends get so mad at him.

These are only a handful of the video game references scattered throughout this show. I would recommend going on YouTube and finding some more of these hilarious references for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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