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Top 5 Video Game References in South Park

In case you do not know much about South Park, it takes place in the fictional town of South Park where a group of 4th graders go on insane adventures and all have potty mouths. It is similar to the show Family Guy, but in my opinion is even more vulgar.

South Park
Courtesy of Comedy Central

South Park, like Family Guy, also has a long history of scattering video game references throughout their many seasons. Here are my 5 favorites.

Coming in at number 5, in season 18 episode 5, the boys all get addicted to an iPhone game which is free from the start but ends up costing money to do anything fun. This is a reference to the numerous free games on the app store that follow the same outline. An example of this game is the Family Guy iPhone game called the Quest for Stuff. This is not the funniest reference, but it was interesting to see South Park poke fun at Family Guy. Everyone has had experiences playing these types of these games where they want to have all the cool features but do not want to pay for them.

Coming in at number 4 is from season 11 episode 13, where Stan gets addicted to the game Guitar Hero. In this episode, Stan goes on the stereotypical rise to fame that a famous rock star will go through even getting addicted to a heroin-based game near the end of the episode. This is a hilarious episode where we see Stan act like playing Guitar Hero is the same as being a famous musician. This is a masterpiece of an episode.

Coming in at number 3 is from season 14 episode 1 where Cartman plays a game that ends up a spoofing a PGA Golf game. Instead of actually playing golf in this game, you play as Tiger Woods and fight his wife after she finds out he was cheating on her. This is a little bit of a low blow considering what happened to Tiger Woods in real life, but at the same time what else would you really expect from South Park? In this episode they are mostly making fun of how boring golf games are. To be honest, they are not wrong.

At number 2 is from the season 17 episode 2, where all the parents start playing Minecraft in order to be able to figure out a password that their kids set up on the TV in order to get them to stop watching murder shows. Seeing South Park in Minecraft from is really a sight to behold and the episode is super funny. It is for sure a must-watch.

Coming in at number 1 there is not doubt in my mind that the funniest video game reference in South Park comes in season 10 episode 8. The boys must play hours and hours of World of Warcraft in order to level up and beat a super player who is terrorizing players. The boys do nothing buy play for months and get fatter and fatter. This is one of my favorite episodes of TV of all time and I actually own it on my computer. If you are a WoW fan drop everything you’re doing to watch this episode even if you have not watched the series before. South Park actually worked with the creators of World of Warcraft in order to make this episode. In a way? It’s inspiring.

Those are my top 5 video game references in South Park, but there are plenty more where that came from. I encourage you to check out the series and find your own moments for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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