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Top 5 Worst CoD Zombies Maps

Now that I did the 5 best zombies maps of all time, it seems only fair that I do the 5 worst of all time. Let me tell you, there was no lack of maps to pick from; if I am being honest, there are a ton of maps that simply are not very good. Without further ado, though, let’s get into it.

5. Blood of the Dead

Coming it at number 5 is Blood of the Dead. This map had so much potential to be a great map like Mob of the Dead. Blood of the Dead also takes place in Alcatraz, but simply lacks all the things that made Mob of the Dead so great. Specifically, there is no plane afterlife feature, which makes this map pretty boring all around. It is still a really good-looking map, but there was really no reason for it to be made.

This photo, and all photos in this article, courtesy of Activision

4. Zombies in Spaceland

At number 4 is Zombies in Spaceland. This is an unpopular opinion, as this map is actually pretty well-liked in the CoD community. I can see why: there are a ton of carnival games placed throughout the map that you can play as you are playing zombies. I just feel like all these gimmicks take way from the experience of actually playing zombies. This is a map I tend to skip, but if you are a fan of it, I totally understand.


3. Transit

At number 3 is Transit. This map had the makings to be such a great creation. The bus feature taking you around to all different parts of the map is genius. But in the end, the map is simply too big. Players can easily get separated from each other, and it sort of feels like this map is 5 smaller maps created to make a larger one. The pieces just do not fit well together.

2. Buried

At number two is Buried. This map is simply just too easy. Nothing else to really say about it. Zombies maps get really boring really quickly if they are too easy. and that is what happened with this map. It is not a bad map mechanically or visually, but fans all around the community consider this map a bust simply because they became uninterested in it so quickly.

  1. Infection

Number 1— by a longshot— is Infection. This was Sledgehammer’s first attempt at making a Zombies mode, and they really dropped the ball. They tried to go the route of making things a little different but sticking with the same base of the game and, in the end, it was just a big mess. The good news is, this failure gave rise to the classically-distinct Zombies mode we now know and love. But there is no need to play this map. Stay away.

And those are my top 5 worst CoD Zombies maps. If you play on any of these, instead of trying to avoid the zombies, maybe try and see how quickly you can get killed and move onto a better map.

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