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Top Esports Collectibles: Vintage Consoles Edition

Everybody plays games, but how many hardcore gamers out there are scouting for gaming history? You may be surprised how much some of these iconic pieces can go for. Who knows what your Xbox or Playstation is going to be worth one day. Speculation is a hard thing to nail down, and some shocking stuff goes for such a high price that’ll leave you asking, “But, Why?” Not all of these consoles are prehistoric— some are fairly recent— but they are all artifacts of ideas long lost.

Courtesy of Nintendo

The Gameboy Micro

Courtesy of Nintendo

Not many people actually know about this little gadget. The high-value model is typically the red-modeled one that has a little Pikachu model on the top right corner. This was Nintendo’s last Gameboy product to close out the line in 2005, and you weren’t able to get it unless you were in Japan. It goes for over $2k today, and you can find a few on eBay.

Sega Genesis CDX

Courtesy of Sega

This was the bad-boy of innovation. A CD player with a Sega Genesis chilling out in the back? You know you’d want one, and that’s exactly what Sega was betting on before slapping on a $400 price tag. Like the Xbox One Kinect, it sold ridiculously poorly during its launch. Now, it’s more than doubled that value on sites like eBay, where you can find these for a few thousand.

Pokemon World Championship Nintendo DSI XL

Courtesy of Nintendo

Leave it to Nintendo to create some valuable pieces of tech for later down the road. This was yet another exclusive that was given out to the top tournament participants for Pokemon World Championship in 2010. With only a handful of these made, the going rate is $7K and up.

Minish Cap Gameboy: Gold

Courtesy of Nintendo

I guess everything painted in gold is worth a lot nowadays? Exclusive only to the UK when it came out, this package contains a video game and solid gold Gameboy SP. The kicker? It costs $8k, but you’ll get a factory-sealed box left in mint-condition, meaning that the value is only going to increase as the years go by.

After looking at the price of these consoles, I’m going to need some consoling. Take good care of your consoles; who knows, maybe one day, they’ll take care of you, too.

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