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Top Esports Collectibles: Vintage Games Edition

Could you imagine buying a physical copy of a game today just for it to be worth some serious $$$ a few decades later? It’s possible, and these collectors made their moves during the early years of gaming.

There are a lot of great games on this list, and you’re going to be surprised by the price tags that some of these fetch. When it comes to collectibles, there are a few things to keep in mind. 1. The value of the item is only worth what someone is willing to pay, and 2. Just because it’s rare, it doesn’t mean it’s valuable. This isn’t a “Top 10 Of The Most Expensive Games” list, just one to open your eyes to what is valued in the vintage community.

Vintage Games
Courtesy of RFregeneration

Stadium Events

Courtesy of Human Entertainment

You ever get paid $35,000 just for the little piece of cardboard that your game slides into? Well, if you had a copy of Stadium Events, you probably could. Why are these so rare? There were only 200 copies out in the world before they got recalled for branding issues. What once was Stadium Events turned into World Class Track Meet, andthis caused the price for the original copies to skyrocket, transforming it into a collectible that many are still searching for today. For $10-35K, you could get your hands on your own copy.

1990s Nintendo World Championship: Gold Edition

Courtesy of Nintendo (Duh)

These were given out as rewards at old Nintendo Tournaments for competitive players. There were only 26 of these ever made, and you could play Tetris, Rad Racer, and Super Mario on it. Only the winners and runner-ups won these, and the rest of the 90 cartridges made were only in gray. Still, you’re looking at spending upwards of $25k to own one of these.

Nintendo Powerfest ‘94

Courtesy of Nintendo (Again)

This was along the same lines as the Nintendo World Championship, but the Super Nintendo was the console of choice here. Only 33 cartridges were ever made for its tournament players, and the rarity of them places their value at $10k a pop nowadays.

Tetris: Mega Drive

Courtesy of Sony

A game so mysterious that Sony tried to claim that it didn’t exist, mainly because this game brought a slew of lawsuits with it that Sony no longer wants to be associated with. When Sony tried ripping Nintendo off with the game, it put them in a world of trouble and bumped the game’s value to $12k.

Atlantis II

Courtesy of imagic

The only way you could have gotten your hands on one of these is if you were part of an exclusive contest. Atari offered it up to the franchise’s most dedicated players, and only four of them were ever made. This makes the game’s value a whopping $18k.

Who knows, maybe a copy of Wii Sports will end up being worth millions someday. Keep counting your checks, and go ahead and count your old games while you’re at it, too.

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