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Top Esports Is The Demacia Cup 2020 Champions

Demacia Cup 2020 is the last League of Legends tournament of the year in China. LPL 2020 Summer Champions Top Esports didn’t really struggle throughout the tournament. After getting eliminated from Worlds 2020 in semifinals, the team added Zhuo to the roster without disrupting the chemistry. Before the start of the 2021 season, Top Esports closed 2020 with a trophy, sweeping Team WE in the Demacia Cup Grand Final.

Photo courtesy of Top Esports

Top Esports players got champions that they are comfortable with during the draft phase. Ornn, Graves, Zor, Jhin and Leona looked like a scary draft considering Team WE picked Miss Fortune. Karsa wanted to choke beishang and got into the opponent’s jungle whenever he could with the help of his laners. This strategy worked smoothly and Top Esports got three kills during a jungle fight despite leaving first blood to Shanks. knight, Top’s most dangerous player got two kills, which pretty much sums up the first game. Even though Team WE tried really hard mid game, Top Esports came out strong during the late game and won almost every fight. Top closed the game with the help of knight’s Zoe.

The second game’s draft phase was different than usual. Top Esports decided to pick Vayne and Viktor, but what is different about it is that knight played Vayne mid and JackeyLove played Viktor in the bottom of the Rift. Vayne counters Shank’s Galio hard and knight’s master Vayne mechanics caused a huge minion gap in mid lane. Beishang’s Olaf was the only branch Team WE could hold onto. The game was a classic LPL match, complete chaos. Players set skirmishes throughout the map, but this made knight’s Vayen get stronger minute by minute. Shank didn’t have his best Galio performance and Top Esports pursued on punishing him. JackeyLove and 369 helped knight, who tried carrying so hard and Top Esports closed the game in minutes.

JackeyLove started the third game with a first blood. Top had a small gold advantage in the first 10 minutes and Karsa used his experience to turn this lead into a dragon. This time, Team WE managed to answer its opponent’s moves and even the gold gap. Karsa is a monstrous Graves player; the Taiwanese jungler kept his team in the game and caused real problems for Team WE. As the minutes passed, Top Esports got even stronger and deleted Team WE from the rift.

Team WE didn’t show any pulse except the third game of the series. It looks like Top Esports will be a huge candidate for the LPL trophy again.

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