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Top Esports Lock In Win Vs DRX

After losing to FlyQuest today, Top Esports and DRX had one last game to determine who would walk out of Group D in First Place. This game even had a record broken, though not in the direction you may think.

Top Esports
Courtesy of Lolesports

The first 24 minutes of the game were without kills. However, an impressive Command: Shockwave from Zhuo “knight” Ding made for one of the most flashy First Bloods of Worlds 2020.

Following that one play from Knight, Top Esports were able to claim two barons and three drakes, putting them so close to a victory. However, an impressive bush flank from Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon and Choi “Doran” Heyon-joon gave two kills over to DRX.

After a fight at the Mountain Dragon, TES secured the Mountain Soul and pushed towards the base of DRX. DRX would not go down without a fight but TES took the win in what was considered by the casters to be a literal chess match.

I must admit, watching this match was intense and I as an analyst and writer was on the edge of my seat. If you have a chance, watch the match in its entirety: it is worth the patience.

Top Esports will look to face Fnatic next week while DRX will have the rematch of Summer vs Damwon Gaming towards the end of the Quarterfinals.

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