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Unicorns of Love Breeze Past SuperMassive With 3-0 Sweep

The series only took 95 minutes and 2 seconds of game time. SuperMassive only had 33 kills total. The Unicorns of Love had 62 kills across all 3-games. All of these stats let us down because most fans thought we would see an intense 5-game series here, but we didn’t. Instead, the Unicorns of Love locked in their first ever Worlds Main Event appearance, and boy, must that feel good after the slip-ups they have made in the past.

Courtesy of Lolesports

(Plus, how about the swaggy uniforms?)

The series began with the Unicorns of Love on the Blue Side, who led off the drafting phase with Wukong. Wukong had been one of Armut’s best champions over the Play-In stage, so grabbing that from him was huge. Armut eventually picked up the Malphite, which led to some short-lived excitement from the casters. Alistar and Twitch were both allowed through and picked up by UofL, a huge mistake from SuperMassive considering they were trying to team-fight themselves. This led to Alistar and Twitch losing those team-fights. And lose them they did: they went from only being down 1.2K gold at 15 minutes to being down 8.4K gold at 25 minutes. SuperMassive put a timer on themselves with no scaling (Miss Fortune does NOT scale well) and allowed Unicorns of Love to not only pick scaling champions like Twitch, but also use champions like Nidalee in the jungle, who is notorious for her aggressive early game. All in all, SuperMassive had a horrible draft here and it led to an ugly Game 1 loss from them.

“Now let’s switch some things up!” – Said SuperMassive as they literally just swap over to Blue Side and first pick Lillia. Lillia? You mean the champion that has been played 16 times during the Play-Ins and has only won 5 of those 16 games? Yep. Sad day for SuperMassive and their coach because the draft phase was all but a wash for their side during this series vs the Unicorns of Love. They constantly got out-drafted and I really think it’s because of the dynamic of Gadget in the ADC role being able to play anything that the mid laner (Nomanz) can play. This resulted in the Unicorns of Love breaking that out in Game 2 as they picked Ziggs in the ADC role for Gadget after he received multiple bans to his champion pool. Combine this with the Kassadin that Nomanz was on in the mid lane and a counter-pick for support which was Alistar AGAIN and you have a disgusting team composition from the Unicorns of Love. Know why? Kassadin scales late, Ziggs wrecks towers and Alistar is a great team-fighter. I was very impressed by the Unicorns of Love in this one as it seemed like they had a plan for both sides of the rift and they used them to perfection throughout Games 1 and 2. Game 2 wasn’t nearly as close as Game 1 though because SuperMassive decided to run into UofL in the jungle at around 10 minutes and they proceeded to get Aced at the 10 minute mark. From that point it was a bit of a fiesta as UofL went on to win by a kill score of 24-11.

The final game of the series was the quickest of the three, as this one ended at the 30 minute and 38 second mark, finalizing UofL’s win of the series 3-0. The series was an exciting one with SuperMassive giving UofL a run for their money, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough of an effort out of the 1st seed from the TCL. Gadget is too strong in the bot lane and his flexibility in his champion pool is something that could potentially even give a team in the Main Event headaches. I am not going to get too ahead of myself here though, as we simply need to say thank you to SuperMassive because Lillia in Game 3 was not it chief. Oh, and another thing: if you are a Lillia main, thank KaKAO for making your champion look TERRIBLE because he ended the Play-In stage having 7 games on Lillia and he lost 5 of those 7 games. I mean come on, they picked Lillia every game in this series and they lost 0-3! I can’t help be critical on this squad because of the high expectations, but ultimately the team-play came through for UofL and I am happy to see them making an appearance in the Worlds Main Event.

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