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Unicorns of Love Comes Out Swinging Against PSG Talon

Saturday’s marquis matchup featured two juggernauts from their respective regions. From the League of Legends Continental League, Unicorns of Love came into the day having lost just two games throughout their entire year. On the other hand, PSG Talon, representing the Pacific Championship Series, came into the day on a two-game win streak, upsetting China’s LGD Gaming during Day 1. 

Unicorns of Love
Courtesy of Lolesports

With both teams coming into the match undefeated at Worlds thus far, it was a hyped-up game, with expectations high for both sides. Fans and analysts have been craving for a non-major region to go the distance, and many were claiming these two teams would be able to do just that. 

It was no secret how just much weaker PSG Talon’s draft was compared to that of the Unicorns of Love. PSG picked themselves four melee champions and Jhin, a very stationary marksman, into an enemy team which consisted of Hecarim, Orianna and Swain. The PCS representative had already drafted themselves into a hole against a strong Unicorns of Love team. 

However, it was a close game to start off. PSG support Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing continued his streak of impressive play, and off the back of some flashy Alistar pulverizes, the support was able to keep the match close for their team, at least in the early game. When the mid-game arrived, Unicorns of Love knew that their composition was superior and played right into their strengths. 

It was an impressive game for the Unicorns of Love, whose draft was fairly off-meta. With bot laner Ilya “Gadget” Makavchuk playing Swain and support Aleksandr “SaNTaS” Lifashin on Rakan, it’s safe to say UOL isn’t letting anyone decide their team compositions but themselves. 

The Unicorns of Love move to 2-0 in the group stage while PSG Talon slides down to 2-1. The teams are still number one and two in Group B respectively. With only two teams able to move on to the Group Stage in the Main Event, LGD Gaming— currently at 0-2— will be playing for their lives when they face off against UOL on Sunday. 

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