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VALORANT Agent Guide: Breach

Welcome to the third entry in the VALORANT Guide Series. Say hi to today’s guest, Breach, and please have a seat.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

With such a specialized skill set, Breach has an important place in the game, but in the beginning of the closed beta, our agent wasn’t a popular one among the players. However, with the game’s development (and after a bunch of buffs,) Breach became the strongest initiator in VALORANT. A crowd control monster, he’s extremely useful both on defense and attack. So what are Breach’s abilities, and what should we be careful about while using them?

  • Aftershock (C) (100 Credits)

Aftershock, which can be purchased only once per round, creates an explosion behind the wall upon which it’s been used. This explosion causes heavy damage, so whoever is exposed to it will probably die.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Breach’s first utility is powerful but also easy to evade at the same time. Therefore, it would be optimistic to expect a frag every time you use Aftershock. Thanks to its long range usage, it’s possible to check behind a wall or make the enemy relocate with it.
  2. Making the opponents give up their position is the strongest Aftershock effect. If there is someone behind any construction, use your ability without thinking and leave him displaced.
  3. You can make the rivals move away from the boxes that you don’t want them to hide by using Aftershock. So that the number of spots you have to check while running will decrease.
  • Flashpoint (Q) (200 Credits)

Flashpoint is, as can be guessed through its name, a flashbang, but this one is used only on a construction (wall, boxes etc.). It can be purchased a maximum of three times in a single round and each one makes the enemies blind for 2 seconds.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Flashpoint only affects beyond where it’s been used. But everyone, including yourself and the teammates, might be affected by it. So, you have to use it carefully.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use the ability. As you have three of them, it’s easy to sacrifice one to check corners or the sites.
  3. Even though it blinds enemies, don’t peek them right away. Because enemies will know where the Flashpoint came from, they’ll prefire you, and you’ll lose your life to a stray bullet. To avoid that, just wait for them to lose their spray control and then go for the kill. Remember: the blind effect of the skill lasts 2 seconds for each use. It’s not forever, but it’s long enough.
  • Fault Line (E) (Free)

Fault Line is Breach’s signature skill which is free and can be used several times in a round if the cooldown is over. The utility quakes the zone and the line it creates, and the players who are affected by it get dizzy. That dizzy effect decreases the fire rate, movement speed, and vision of the targeted player.

How Should You Use It?

  1. This skill, whose distance is increased by holding the fire-button, has to be used thoroughly due to the possibility of harming the teammates as well.
  2. With long range and respectable width, the Fault Line impacts a great area. You can block a corridor with it and push the enemies back easily.
  3. Like the other abilities of Breach, this one can be used from behind constructions too, which is a great advantage to catch the rivals with a surprise.
  • Rolling Thunder (Ultimate)

Here we come to the last and the most powerful skill of our guest. Breach sends a quake which goes like a cone shape for a long and wide area. The ultimate that hurls the players into air and backwards, stuns them, and decreases the fire rates of them. Any player who is affected by Rolling Thunder has nearly zero chance to kill you.

How Should You Use It?

  1. I’d like to give you good news but, unfortunately, Rolling Thunder impacts your teammates, too. What I told you for the other abilities counts the same for this one, too: you must be careful not to harm your friends.
  2. The only adverse effect of the ultimate is that it impacts step-by-step. So, if someone stands in the last step of it, s/he can manage to escape from it effortlessly.
  3. Taking control of somewhere with Rolling Thunder is the easiest thing to do.
  4. As I mentioned above, it hurls the players into the air and backwards. So, if there is an opponent who is trying to plant the spike, you can interrupt her/him planting by using the Rolling Thunder.

The first initiator of our series was Breach. If you’ve never played him, I suggest you give him a chance, especially after the buffs he received. Do not forget to mention in the comments the other characters and features you want to see in the guides. See you soon!

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