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VALORANT Agent Guide: Phoenix

Welcome to the VALORANT Agent Guide Series. Today’s guest is the kid of flame, Phoenix. Let’s take a look together at the capability of this cool boy.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Being a solo player in any team-based game is hard, it’s a fact. But there’s always room to overcome the odds, and in my opinion, Phoenix is the best agent in the game to do that. Having a self-heal ability and flashes alongside a second chance, Phoenix occupies a crucial place for solo queue players. Here are some of Phoenix’s abilities.

  • Blaze (C)  (200 credits)

Phoenix creates a flame-wall which heals himself while damaging the enemies who touch it. The mechanic that curves the wall by moving the mouse gives players an opportunity to close any specific spot.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Blocking a site with Blaze gives you easy access to good damage. However, the wall does not have plenty of burst damage to kill someone immediately, so it is good to have an open eye to check behind the wall.
  2. Agents’ spells can pass through Blaze. A surprise wall might be deadly for the enemies, but being caught unaware by opponents who use the same style is a possibility as well. You need to be careful.
  3. The easiest way to benefit from the flame-wall is to use it for self-healing.
  • Curveball (Q) (200 Credits)

Phoenix summons a flameball which goes curved after throwing, blinding everyone who’s affected. The direction of the curve can be controlled with the mouse’s left and right buttons.

How Should You Use It?

  1. The ability to blind enemies is not a skill every agent in the game can use, and this makes Curveball way more valuable. You can also just use it to clear a corner or corridor in order to lock down a frag.
  2. Don’t forget that the flameball is curved. Everyone needs practice to get used to it, so do not freak out if you fail a couple of times.
  3. There is no friendly fire in VALORANT, however, disturbing teammates with your abilities is still on the table. This is definitely the case with Curveball. When using the flameball you have to be sure that your mates are in the right position.
  4. In a 1v1 situation, use the flash and peek from the opposite side to amaze the enemy.
  • Hothands (E) (Free)

Phoenix’s signature skill. He creates and throws a fireball that burns the area and damages everyone who stands on it except himself. If Phoenix stands on the fireball, he heals himself. Besides being free, Hothands can be used a couple times in a round when the cooldown is over.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Hothands is an ability that players usually use to heal themselves. When you are in low health, let its temperature warm you.
  2. Checking the corners has never been as easy as this.
  3. Using it as a molotov – like in CS – is another way to profit from the skill. Closing a passage saves time for the teammates to back up.
  • Run It Back (X) (Ultimate)

Our agent’s ultimate gives a second chance. In the beginning of the ulti, Phoenix marks the ground and continues to game without any additional power. If he dies during Run It Back or the duration of the skill expires, he returns where he marked in the beginning.

How Should You Use It?

  1. This is one of the skills that turns Phoenix into an extremely powerful fragger. Having an option to take a shot without any hesitation by using the ultimate sets Phoenix apart from the others. 
  2. Run It Back is used for getting information about the opponents, taking an entry-frag, and leaving enemies out of position.
  3. The location of the mark is critical. Leaving a mark in the middle of a crowded space will cost you your life when you return.
  4. In higher elos, players will run away from Phoenix when they hear the noise of Run It Back. To not waste the ultimate, it’s necessary to choose the right time to use the ability wisely.

We’ve come to the end of the Phoenix Guide. Don’t forget to mention in the comments the other characters that you want to see in these guides as well as general feedback. See you soon!

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