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VALORANT Agent Guide: Raze

Today’s guest in the guide series is bomber-woman Raze. Raze has caused many arguments since the beginning of the closed beta by being the only agent that can deal damage with all of her abilities.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Most of Raze’s skills also impact her teammates alongside the rivals. So, the first thing you should do while playing Raze is be careful not to harm your allies. Let’s dig into the details of our agent.

  • Boom Bot (C) (200 Credits)

Raze leaves a robot on the ground. This robot locks onto the first enemy in its sight and gains speed while tracking them. If it isn’t destroyed by opponents, it explodes and deals heavy damage near the opponent.

How Can You Use It?

  1. Boom Bot doesn’t deal damage to allies, so feel free to use it whenever you want.
  2. Usually, it is used for gathering information about opponents. When you want to check a location, send your Boom Bot there.
  3. You can slow down rushing enemies for a little bit if you send a Boom Bot in front of them.
  4. Boom Bot’s biggest strength is distracting the enemies, and you can use this strength as a peeking opportunity. Use it and peek rivals while they’re shooting at the robot.
  • Paint Shells (E) (Signature)

Raze equips a cluster bomb and throws it. After the first explosion, the bomb is shattered into three pieces which deal damage. Paint Shells also impact your teammates.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Paint Shells damage everyone, including you. It’s possible to kill yourself with your own bomb. Don’t try it.
  2. It’s a frag bomb similar to what we see in literally every FPS game. Use it on the enemies; if they don’t run away, they will die.
  3. Paint Shells are our agent’s signature ability, which deal a ton of damage. They can be used one time every round regularly, though getting two kills resets their cooldown.
  • Blast Pack (Q) (200 Credits)

Raze throws a pack that explodes in a short time. This pack can be detonated without waiting the explosion time by reactivating.

How Should You Use It?

  1. If a Blast Pack detonates near you, it boosts you in the air. You can gain incredible speed by combining them to reach wherever you want quickly.
  2. It’s too hard to avoid Blast Pack’s damage. Even though its usage range is short, it gives a serious amount of damage to enemies.
  3. It can be purchased a maximum of two times in a round. Sometimes you need to make a choice between Blast Pack and Boom Bot, as the two of them have the same price. 
  4. You can use Blast Packs to give you your choice of positioning. This is especially helpful in getting to unusual spots.
  • Showstopper (Ultimate)

Raze equips a rocket launcher that impacts and deals damage to a large area. It affects you as well as your teammates.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Activate it and kill the opponents.
  2. Most of the time, the noise of Showstopper scares enemies and forces them to return. You can drive off an enemy attack by using it.

Despite the countless nerfs, Raze still protects her priority both in the competitive scene and Solo Queue. She is a crucial agent for certain maps, and now, you know the basics of her abilities’ usage. Until next time! Do not forget to wash your hands regularly!

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