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VALORANT Agent Guide: Reyna

Mexico’s most popular duelist, Reyna, has come to visit our guide series today. Our agent, who prefers to play solo rather than with her team, became an easy crowd favorite after her debut.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Due to her ability set, Reyna is a character that needs a kill. You can only use her Q and E skills with Soul Orbs dropped from the enemies you killed. If you’re one of the players who has a passive playstyle, unfortunately, this agent doesn’t fit you. However, your game style might change after reading the utilities. Let’s take a deep look into Reyna.

  • Leer (C) (200 Credits)

Reyna throws an eye that can hang in the air and pass through a wall. Adversaries seen by the eye have their visions affected and can only see close-range. Leer’s range is not so long and it can be destroyed by rivals.

How Should You Use It?

  1. While Leer can be destroyed fast, unprovoked, it hangs for a little bit, providing you with an advantage. The eye might help you to take control of a corridor if used swiftly in the beginning of the round.
  2. There is no such thing as a wasted eye. Even if it is crashed by the opponents, you’ll still have information about their location.
  3. When you decide to go into a gunfight, Leer will be your wingman. Using it from behind a wall gives you more time to take the right position.
  4. Leer doesn’t affect your teammates, so there is no need to worry while throwing it.
  5. Never use it at headshot level. Remember, the opponents have to break it or run away from it. If they want to break the eye, they need to aim off-angle, provided you use the ability correctly.
  • Devour (Q) (100 Credits)

Reyna heals herself by using a soul orb dropped from an enemy she killed. Devour can fill the shield for a limited time as well.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Actually, there aren’t many options to use Devour because of its design. The only thing you need to be careful about is the connection between you and the orb, which shouldn’t be broken off.
  2. Soul orbs are the common resources of Reyna’s Q and E abilities, so it’s critical to decide which one you’re going to use an orb for.
  • Dismiss (E) (200 Credits)

Reyna becomes transparent, turning into bulletproof form by using a soul orb. In this short time, she gains movement speed. Using the Dismiss while the ultimate is active causes Reyna to become invisible.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Dismiss is an ability that helps you take a frag and escape in 1v2 and 1v3 situations. I prefer using it aggressively. If I can be bulletproof, why wouldn’t I dive in?
  2. You don’t want to turn into normal form in front of enemies after using Dismiss. Like Jett’s dash, it’s not possible to use your weapons right away. There is a little time window you have to wait to do that, and in that time, you are nothing but vulnerable.
  3. As I mentioned above, Reyna turns invisible if you use the Dismiss while the ultimate is active. Hunting rivals is easier when you change your position using the invisibility.

Empress (Ultimate)

Reyna gains fire rate, reload speed, and decreased recoil for a limited time. For each kill she gets, her health is renewed and the ultimate duration is reset.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Empress provides these specialities for a certain period of time, and you need to get a kill in that duration. Therefore, be careful not to waste your ultimate by using it too early.
  2. Reyna earns enormous benefits in gunfights while the ultimate is on. Keep that in mind and be aggressive.
  3. During Empress, Dismiss makes you invisible and every kill Reyna gets heals herself. So, during the ultimate’s duration, you are going to activate Dismiss more often than Devour.
  4. In my opinion, Empress is too valuable to use in adversaries’ eco round. It’s an important ultimate that can give you a round by itself.

I tried to do my best to cover up one of the best duelists in the game. I hope you like it. Until next time, stay healthy!

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