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VALORANT First Strike Quarterfinalist nolpenki Disbanded

Sometimes even being successful isn’t enough to avoid the inevitable. VALORANT First Strike: Europe quarterfinalist nolpenki disbanded the roster. The announcement has been made through the team’s Twitter account by saying “nolpenki out.”

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The decision has been made under mutual agreement of the players, and every player wanted to seek individual opportunities within the VALORANT scene, according to the tweet. Nolpenki’s roster was:

  • Vakaris “vakk” Bebravicius
  • Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek
  • Jesse “JESMUND” Terava
  • Aron “Aron” Fredriksson
  • Aleksander “zeek” Zygmunt

The players’ move is quite understandable since nolpenki doesn’t have an organization to support them. Established in April and consisting of Lithuania players, the team competed in some local and C-Tier tournaments. In September, nolpenki rebuilt the roster and turned it into a mixed European team as cNed, JESMUND, aron and zeek joined the team. The squad managed to win some low-tier tournaments afterward and focused on First Strike: Europe.

The team of talented players showed a solid performance in the qualifiers of First Strike and grabbed a ticket for the main event among 267 teams. Unfortunately, nolpenki was out of gas in the main event as it got defeated by FunPlus Phoenix with a 2-0 in the quarterfinals. It was the last tournament the team played together.

Nolpenki’s roster featured a lot of skilled players, and there is no doubt that the disbandment decision will change the balance of European VALORANT scene since there are five free-agent stars right now.

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