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VALORANT Gets A Public Test Server in 2021

Updating its titles regularly, Riot Games puts in some hard work and spends many hours to keep its games durable, including VALORANT. However, the company has struggled in a couple of previous patches and tried to solve this issue for upcoming ones. They have revealed that the Public Test Server will be live in 2021.

Courtesy of Riot Games

VALORANT has been publishing videos on YouTube to communicate with the fans better and let them know what they aim to do next. One of those videos has been shared in the previous days. In the video, Game Lead Anna Donlon and Senior Producer Arnar Gylfason tell us about the patches, why they face errors and what their plans are to figure them out.

“To start, we need to acknowledge the reality that when you pair a team of our size -around 150 developers- with the multiple things we ship every patch, there’s a web of complexity and interdependence that sometimes causes problems.” Arnar Gylfason said. He also mentioned “shipping a simple fix” is not easy as it looks since isolating the problem in this complexity takes serious work.

According to the senior producer, Riot has set 2-week patch cycles to be fast and react quickly to the players’ feedback, but this period of time isn’t enough to make everything work smoothly, so the developers decided to start preparing for a patch release for two and a half weeks from this day forward. They also increased the patch testing time to three days from two.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Having a test server is the usual way for nearly every online game. Therefore, it’s not surprising that VALORANT will receive one of them soon. As Riot says, the new Public Test Server of VALORANT will be available in 2021. This will make it easier to catch bugs and game-breaking errors for developers since there will be many players who will try new patches before they’re released on the live server.

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