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VALORANT Patch 2.01 Nerfs Jett And Tweaks The Split Map

A mere eight days after Yoru’s introduction with Episode 2, Riot has dropped another patch for VALORANT addressing some crucial aspects of the game. The announcement came via VALORANT’s official Twitter, linking to their blogpost for the 2.01 patch notes.

Image courtesy of Riot

Patch 2.01 changes a handful of things including nerfs to Jett in pursuit of balancing the Controller role in the game, in addition to tweaking the map Split. Other miscellaneous changes include the ability to hide custom games from Match History, tweaks to AFK punishments and a little better queueing experience for Radiant ranked players.

Agent Changes: Jett

Jett’s Cloudburst ability has its cooldown reduced from seven seconds to a mere 4.5 seconds; a half-second more than her 1.0 patch duration. This change is part of Riot’s efforts to balance the Controller role in VALORANT.

Image courtesy of Riot

Jeff Landa mentions in the blog post that the Valorant team had found Jett to be a great substitute for the Controller role in many cases, especially when teams were playing aggressively. This change seems to fit her playstyle and kit; that of being aggressive and fast with her moves.

Map Changes: Split

As of 2.01, Split is a lot more attacker friendly. The map should feel less claustrophobic, has wider chokepoints, fewer cubbies and shallower hiding corners to make it easier to push into defenders. A few game assets have been removed from around the map to make it feel more open. The following are the detailed changes:

Riot increased the width of the B Main doorway, making it less of a chokepoint and attackers also got a new metal crate to take cover behind.

In addition to the widening of the B Main chokepoint, there is a new asset in the corner preventing defenders from sitting in a deep corner. Overall, it’s another forgiving change for the attacking side.

A small ramp has been added to the B site, extending the Spike plant zone area making it possible for attackers to defend a Spike plant from within B Main.

A new stack of crates has been added in front of B Site Heaven to make it easier for attackers to isolate angles and play the site.

The B Alley corner has been made shallower, reducing a deep hiding corner and making it easier to push toward the defender spawn.

The cubby in B Alley has also been removed with the same logic as before: to remove a deep hiding corner to make it easier for attackers to push toward the defender spawn.

The Mid Vent entrance received the same treatment as B Main chokepoint. It has been widened to allow for easier pushes.

A slope has been added to the Vent Room to prevent wall-banging from mid while also removing a deep hiding corner.

A huge asset has been removed from the Scuttle Shack area to make it roomier and less of a chokepoint. This should once again make it easier for attackers to push through mid without getting bottlenecked, especially against peky Raze’s with their ults.

Following in line with the previous changes, a deep hiding corner in the Sewers is now shallower than before to make it easier to push through without the fear of someone camping in the cubby.

The A Ramp to A Tower doorway has been widened and a corner has been replaced with a sloping wall to make it harder for defenders to hide.

The slope at the back of A Site is now shallower. This change means whoever has control of the A Tower doesn’t need to jump down to the site to clear that deep corner. The corner is now visible from A Rafters.

The corner outside A Screens has been replaced with a sloping wall to remove another deep cubby. Akin to the other cubby removals, this change should cost lesser utility to push past the Screens into the site.

Competitive Updates

Added ability to hide custom game results from Match History following complaints from many pros. This should allow players to practice strategies without being scouted by others.

Social Updates

The Add Friend button now exists for teammates only, and the option of adding enemy players has been removed. Any teammates with privacy/streamer mode enabled will not have the Add Friend button near their name.

Queue restrictions for AFK-ing in-game and during pre-game have changed. Riot wants to make sure that people with connectivity issues aren’t penalized too harshly, and deliberate AFKers are punished heavily. For an undisclosed number of rounds, players aren’t penalized for being AFK, but repeated/extended AFK-ing will be penalized with higher queue restrictions.


  • Fixed an issue with rank promotion and demotion indicators overlapping players rank on the Career page
  • Fixed a bug that would cause either a Radiant icon or an error message to show during the End of Game screen instead of the correct rank details
  • Fixed a bug where Reyna’s Leer would not display on the minimap correctly
  • Fixed a bug where credits wouldn’t be properly refunded after selling a gun that a teammate bought
  • Fixed a bug where offscreen flash VFX would display incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix’s starting location would briefly be displayed on the minimap after being killed in Run it Back
  • Fixed issue where Omen’s reforming VFX didn’t line up with where he actually appeared when using Shrouded Step
  • Fixed Jett being able to trigger the defuse sound while dashing
  • Fixed Omen being able to trigger the defuse sound while teleporting
  • Fixed issue that caused Yoru’s Fakeout decoy to persist in the world after his death
  • Fixed issue where Raze’s Boom Bot could be placed through some walls
  • Fixed issue where Omen could have his gun equipped while forming during From the Shadows
  • Resolved Regrowth’s number UI not updating as Skye used the ability
  • Fixed fire rate stacking issue when a player is in one Brimstone Stim Pack while another ends
  • Fixed Skye not properly showing the callout region she’s in

You can read the full changelog on the official Valorant website.

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