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VALORANT’s Agent 14, Yoru, Has Been Leaked

While there is a short amount of time left until the end of VALORANT’s Episode 1, some innovations which will enter with Episode 2 have been leaked. Teased by Riot Games a few weeks ago, Agent 14’s name and abilities have come to surface.

Courtesy of VALORANT

Riot Games is so good at hinting the alterations it’s going to bring to the game, as we saw on December 18th, that they revealed Agent 14’s character image in a developers’ diary’s video. However, it isn’t the company who leaked the upcoming changes. According to the leak, Agent 14’s name was determined as “Yoru,” and he has some unusual things in his pocket.

The new agent has access to invisibility as many of the players assumed thanks to the hints, but unlike the other duelists in the game, Yoru isn’t agile. Having the gift of teleportation, Yoru looks like he will cause much confusion for the opposing team. Despite not knowing the abilities’ names, these are the descriptions of them:

  • Q: Creates steps sound. Press fire to send it ahead or pre-place it with Alt-fire, then press F to send an inactive one ahead.
  • E: Flash, Press Fire to throw it. It will pop after contacting a surface.
  • C: Press ability button to place portal, press Fire to send portal ahead, anchor portal with Alt-Fire. Press activate to teleport through the portal.
  • Ultimate: Press fire to become invisible for enemies and invulnerable. (Probably enemies can hear you)

There are only nine days left for the end of Episode 1, so it’s possible that we will have an official announcement in a few days. With Yoru joining the roster, VALORANT will meet its fifth duelist. Episode 2 is expected to be released on January 12th.

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