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Vandal is the “Deadliest Weapon” of 2020 in VALORANT

Since the beginning of VALORANT’s closed beta, comparison wars between Vandal and Phantom have been rampant. While players have different opinions about the weapons, Riot Games revealed some stats which will make Vandal users happy. 

Photo courtesy of VALORANT

Wrapping up 2020, the “deadliest weapons” of VALORANT have been shared through the official Twitter account. Sorry Phantom boys, but Vandal took first place in number of kills since launch. While Phantom naturally came second, Spectre was right behind it in a surprising third place. It looks like making Operator more expensive has worked in the way Riot wanted, since it couldn’t find a spot among the top three.

Will this stop the Vandal versus Phantom debate? Surely not. Even though Vandal received a decent buff a couple months ago, Phantom is more preferred in the professional arena, but solo queue is a whole different universe. It has its own rules.

Which one is better?

It’s hard to tell which one among both of them is better to be honest, as both weapons have weaknesses and strengths. In terms of magazine capacity and fire rate, Phantom does its job way better than Vandal; however, Vandal’s power of one-tapping the enemy independent of range makes it unmatched. If you don’t have a sharp aim, it would be better to choose Phantom as the main weapon, since it’s easier to control.

Riot also revealed the longest VALORANT game of 2020. The game was played in Ascent and it took FIFTY EIGHT rounds, which lasted one hour and twenty eight minutes total. Give those guys proper rewards Riot, they well-deserve them.

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