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Veteran Jungler Blank Joins KT Rolster

After parting ways with most of the roster, KT Rolster decided to rely on Ucal for the 2021 season and signed less experienced players around the mid lane except Griffin’s former top laner Doran. KT Rolster announced two junglers for the upcoming season, but surprised the fans with a third one. The team announced that the former World and MSI Champion Blank will be coming to his homeland for the upcoming season and put on a KT Rolster uniform.

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Blank had a bright career from the start. The Korean jungler started his professional gaming career in China and played in LSPL for Energy Pacemaker.Carries as well as Star Horn Royal Club. After an unsuccessful experience in China, he returned to Korea and signed with T1. He shared his playing time with Bengi at first, but after some time, he remained as the only jungler for the team.

Blank’s T1 days were the best time of his career for sure. The team managed to lift the LCK trophy twice and also won both Worlds and MSI. After winning Worlds 2016, T1 managed to get to the finals again in 2017 but could not finish the job against Samsung. 2018 started disastrously for the team, and at the end of the year, Blank decided to join the Japanese team Sengoku Gaming. Blank lost both finals to Detonation FocusMe and could not make it to the Worlds stage.

KT Rolster’s roster does not look bad. However, Ucal’s got to prove himself since he could not meet the expectations of a lot of fans. KT’s five-man squad is expected to be Doran, Blank, Ucal, HyBriD and Zzus. Support might change, but the other players are expected to be as it is given.

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