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Vici Gaming Deletes Suning Gaming From The Rift

Suning participated with JinJiao and ON at the bot lane and according to the tournament’s format, teams could pick whatever they wanted, even though a champion was picked by the opponent team. We saw a Zoe vs Zoe matchup in the mid lane. The first game of the series started with jungler ganks all around the map. SOFM secured the first blood after his visit to the top lane. iBoy had a huge minion lead over his opponent JinJiao. Vici players used their dragon lead going into the late game and iBoy’s Samira played a really important part during this part of the game. The Elder Dragon fight decided the winner and Vici Gaming played the fight perfectly. 

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

In the second game, Bin had a massive minion lead over Cube and looked to be a scary Mordekaiser in the late game, but Aix seized the danger and helped Cube with the first blood. The second game was one sided. Aix and FoFo’s lead got bigger minute by minute, which made the game unplayable for Suning. Vici punished Suning’s ninja Baron call by securing the buff and also the kills. Second game ended in 30 minutes. 

The third and the last game of the series wasn’t really different from the second one. Vici managed to punish Suning’s plays and snowballed its champions entering into the mid game. FoFo’s Zoe performance was on point. Taiwanese mid laner once again proved his worth and capability with the champion. Vici Gaming’s mechanical attributes look promising before the start of the 2021 season. Vici pulled the trigger and demolished the Nexus in 28 minutes and moved on to the semifinals with a 3-0 victory. The team had 29 kills at the end, whereas Suning had only six. 

Vici Gaming will face Top Esports on Dec. 26. Whoever wins the series will have its name written on the Grand Final.

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