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Video Game Adaptation of Space Jam: A New Legacy Will Be Coded by the Fans

Bugs Bunny and Lebron James are teaming up with Microsoft to help fans code an original arcade-style video game inspired by Space Jam: A New Legacy in anticipation for the film’s release in summer 2021. Fans ages 14 and up have between December 14th and December 30th to submit their gameplay ideas on the official Xbox website with provided concept art and a 500-word-summary of the game.

Space Jam
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Out of all of the submissions, two winners will be chosen to have their idea developed into the official video game for the Warner Bros. animated film along with an exclusive winner’s bundle. The contents of the bundle include signed Lebron James memorabilia, Nike VIP packages, Space Jam merchandise, and a customized Xbox Series S. Along with the bundle, the winners will have the opportunity to attend a private screening of Space Jam: A New Legacy and give their local community access to virtual Microsoft coding workshops to learn more about computer science.

Microsoft is a company committed to creating educational opportunities for children and young adults to acquire skills in computer science. The Global Skilling Initiative was announced earlier in the year by Microsoft with the intended goal of helping 25 million people around the world to learn digital skills. This partnership with Warner Bros. aims to help incentivize children to get involved with coding and data science applications. Microsoft stores are providing free virtual workshops on video game development with Space Jam-themed lessons on Microsoft Makecode and Visual Studio Code. 

Lebron James, outside of being an NBA all star fresh off of a Finals Championship win, is a strong advocate of education reform and giving back to the community. The Lebron James Foundation established a public school in Lebron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio called the I Promise School. The mission statement of the school is to positively affect the lives of young students that are falling behind in order to help them from slipping through the cracks.

The future economy will depend majorly on the technologic sector, with employers seeking those possessing high creativity skills. There are currently more jobs that require computer skills than there are people to fill those positions. The Microsoft/Warner Bros. team-up is an effective way to teach kids the importance of digital skills and inspire the next generation of video game developers.

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