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Video Games and Drinking Games: A Great Combination (21+)

Before I get into this article, I just want to state that while alcohol can be fun, it should be consumed in moderation. Please be safe if you choose to drink.

Well now that that’s out of the way, I have something to admit to you guys. Back when I was in college, I enjoyed the occasional alcoholic beverage. GASP, I know right? Also, back in college I enjoyed playing video games with my boys. It would only seem logical that at some point I put the two together. There were a couple types of ways that I used video games and pounding brews together, and I figured I’d take this article to lay them out.


Watching others

Courtesy of Pop Mythology

This might be an unpopular opinion, but most of the time I enjoy watching other people play video games more than I enjoy playing them myself. There are obvious exceptions which I will get more into later in this article, but on average, if you asked me which I enjoyed more I would have to say watching others play. This worked out for me because for the most part, my friends were better than me at most games and thus pretty interesting to watch. Watching others play video games and drinking beer is a combination as old as time.

Take Fortnite for example. Pretty much my entire year of being 21, I would pregame for bars or parties by watching my boys play this addicting-ass game. How drinking comes into this is pretty self-explanatory. Drink when my boy dies, drink when he gets a kill and pound your drink when he gets a win. There is not a wrong way to go about this. Don’t believe me? Check out this insane video of a man drinking every time famous gamer TFUE gets a kill in Warzone.

Playing yourself

Courtesy of the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research

During quarantine, me and some of my friends who live all across the country get together most nights and run some Warzone while sipping some beers. Warzone is just one of those games where I very much enjoy playing much more than watching others. I think it comes from the first-person shooter aspect of the game: controlling a player that you see through his or her own eyes is just simply more fun to play than watch. Drinking every time you die, get a kill or even get a win just makes the game more fun as you have to balance drinking and perhaps getting a little tipsy with destroying other players in the battlefield. Check out the fun this YouTuber has drinking while playing Fortnite. It is honestly too funny to explain any more than that; you should just check it out for yourself.

Watching streamers

Courtesy of the Hard Times

Watching streamers while drinking is not something I did a lot simply because they are too good. Drinking every time a top 10 player in a game gets a kill or accomplishes something is a recipe for disaster. Try it if you dare I suppose but be prepared to do a lot of chugging. However you decide to incorporate video games and drinking, just make sure you are being safe and responsible, and you can’t go wrong.

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