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Video games and working out: A great combination

I don’t consider myself a huge gym rat by any means, but over this quarantine, I put together two activities that not many people before me have combined: working out and playing video games. It all started after a massive weekend bender of Fortnite where I did nothing but sit on the couch for hours in a row. I still wanted to game harder, but I also wanted to get some exercise. That’s when I came up with a pretty good routine, if I do say so myself. Throughout this article, I am going to take you through my different workout routines for a couple different games.

Working out


Courtesy of Epic Games

Death: 10 push-ups

Kill: 5 push-ups

Victory Royale: 20 push-ups


Courtesy of Activision

Death: 15 sit-ups

Kill: 10 sit-ups

Win: 20 sit-ups

Squad Wipe: 10 sit-ups

Lose the gulag: 15 sit-ups

Win the gulag: 10 sit-ups

Fall Guys

Courtesy of Mediatonic

Crown: 15 pull-ups

Qualify for a round: 5 pull-ups

Do not qualify: 10 pull-ups You kind of get the idea of it, right? I have to say that ever since I have started combining these two activities, I have had a lot more fun working out than I had before. Of course, I do not work out when I play videogames all the time. I only use this method if I am feeling angsty and need to get some movement going on while I still want to run some games with my friends. Try this method out for yourself and you might be surprised how fun it is.

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