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Viper Joins EDward Gaming

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

LCK’s star bot laner Viper parted ways with his latest team Hanwha Life — He did not have the best season in his career and the team failed pretty hard. After parting ways, the Korean player decided to join his fellow countryman Scout in China, where Korean duo will be battling for the success of EDward gaming in 2021.

For three years, Viper’s star shined on Griffin. While Griffin was competing in CK, Viper’s gameplay and harmony with Lehends were on point. For the three years Viper played under Griffin’s roof, he and his teammates snatched first place in the regular season twice. However, they also lost twice in the Grand Finals. Griffin was also one of the LCK teams that won the chip in Rift Rivals 2018.

EDG has been underperforming for the last two years. The Deft and Scout duo used to carry the team with the help of Chinese star jungler Clearlove, but after Deft’s departure, EDG found their new star player, the Chinese bot lanter iBoy, who left the team after two years. 

EDward Gaming also announced that star players Scout and Meiko will remain in the roster for the 2021 season. Plus, the team acquired Flandre from LNG Esports to strengthen their top lane. Most importantly, legendary player Clearlove announced that he will be back on the Rift in the upcoming season. EDG’s roster looks stacked, let’s see if they meet the expectations and make it to the international tournaments like the old days.

Current EDG Roster

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