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Visuals of the Day: 5 for 5: Pixel Art Celebrates the Return of #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge (TimpersDesigns)

#FaZe5 is here ladies and gentleman!! Today marks the return of FaZe Clan’s recruitment challenge where thousands of gamers and content creators contend for five prestigious spots in the FaZe family. This momentous occasion inspires and motivates gamers and creatives across the globe, including pixel artist, digital illustrator and UK’s own, TimpersDesigns.

Check out these five dope FaZe inspired visuals from Timpers!

Source: TimpersDesigns

I meeean where do I start! This here is an amazing game design concept collection of nine of the most prominent FaZe Clan members, giving a very unique, special touch and feel for each. Very cool to say the least!

Timpers taps into the seemingly magical process of creation known as alchemy to generate this magical pixel art visual.

Legend has it that man’s art IS actually indeed hot. Timpers entire catalogue is full of a variety of fire visuals like this one.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, right? Especially on the FaZe side… #SayCheese 

Featuring FaZe Blaze, Temperrr, Kay, Banks, and Apex. #Squad

This ambitious crossover takes creativity to the next phase (pun absolutely intended). Seeing the FaZe 5 emblem flash on the screen of a Gameboy Advance in an enchanting forest, is nostalgic and telling at the same time, given the fact that the recruitment challenge is finally here. It’s the perfect metaphor for flipping the switch to start this epic competitive challenge we know as #FaZe5.

Let the games begin.

Salute to you TimpersDesigns. The ‘FaZe grind’ is real, and you’ve created some truly awesome work in the process. Yo FaZe Clan, I say “FaZe Timpers” has a nice ring to it.  

Follow Timpers on twitter @TimpersHD and YouTube.

And yes, there are actually more than five visuals here… And?! True greatness is never limited. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it (for the five of you who were actually counting.)

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