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Wait… What? Caviar Makes A 20K, 18 Carat Gold PS5

Caviar announced out of the blue that they created a 20k, 18-carat gold PS5, and left us wondering… Why?

Courtesy of Screenrant

Sony was not anticipating the demand the PS5 would see upon its release to the point that it left stores severely understocked for the waves of people looking to get their hands on the console. Scalpers have taken advantage of this, raising the price of the console well into the four-figure range. Caviar’s response was one for the books. 

Caviar is a company based in Russia that upgrades your items into a “Luxury Item” status, and it comes with a luxury price tag, too. It is getting ready for a new line of items dubbed “The Fantastic Four” which consists of a customized Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Air Jordans, Apple Airpods Max, and the custom PS5. The cheapest item they offer is still in the four-figure price range. 

The gold-plated PS5 was Caviar’s response for scalpers running off the prices of the PS5, and the sheer weight of gold on the PS5 alone is close to seven figures. The gold plating will be featured on the touchscreen for the PlayStation controller, and the main material will be “crocodile leather.”

Courtesy of Boss Hunting


Caviar saw the PS5 scalpers and raised the price to a staggering $2 million. It’s going down as one of the most expensive and rare consoles out there, and we’re glad to see that something good finally came from the scalpers.

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