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Warzone leak hints at a return to a Black Ops classic

Even though the next Call of Duty game has come out, people are still all about Warzone, so much so that the developers are continuing to update the game. What’s more, recent leaks have hinted that something really major will be coming to the game December 10th.

Courtesy of Call of Duty

You can see in the picture above that even though this is a Black Ops: Cold War photo, the game seems to be collaborating with Warzone, which was only present in the previous game, Modern Warfare. What people are thinking is that this Warzone update will bring in something called Rebirth Island. Rebirth Island was a place featured in a campaign level of the original Black Ops, which came out all the way back in 2010.

Courtesy of Call of Duty

This is all we really know about the leak so far. I have a feeling that the Warzone map might not change as much as this leak might suggest. I could see Rebirth Island coming in as some sort of limited time mode where players can play a smaller game of Warzone that only take place in this new location. To be honest with you, I am just guessing; I really don’t have any idea how this leak will integrate itself into the Warzone game we all love so much. Whatever ends up happening, I am super happy that Warzone is still getting updates even after Cold War’s release. I assume they see how many people are still playing and want to continue to give fans some excitement by changing the map.

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