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Warzone Tips From An Up-And-Coming Premier Team

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with competitive esports team FYT Opptics and discuss the history and potential future of the FYT clan. With 13 members rounding out the clan, they have no problem grabbing new fans and followers with high-quality clips and tips.

Courtesy of FYT Opticcs

FYT originally started with intentions of making it big through Fortnite but quickly fell off of they hype train due to the oversaturated Fortnite streamer and clip page market. It seemed that everyone and their grandmother wanted a piece of the pie, and getting yourself known in that kind of environment may not be worth the effort one would have had to put forward.  With the announcement of Warzone, the team was initially skeptical, mainly due to the fear it would be a twin of Black Out. However, it didn’t take long for the clan to get hooked, and soon they decided to hit the grind as hard as they could.

Their competitive history is minimal, but the team states that they have every intention of hitting the big leagues. Opptics explained to me that they don’t force any of their members into try-outs, instead prioritizing a player’s stockpile of high-quality content and an adequate amount of followers to match. They heavily stress that personalities are one of the biggest things they look out for. They don’t just want someone who is good at the game, but someone who also knows how to communicate with their following, mainly because the group is active across multiple social media sites.

Opptics goes on to explain that gathering up a competitive team doesn’t happen by letting anyone and everyone in just because people are needed. High standards need to be set in stone and every player has to be reliably measured in order for someone to be given access to their resources. They warn that people aren’t going to follow you just because you made a few good plays; more pressingly, viewers want to watch a likable personality.

When asked if there was anything they would like to see changed, the team said that the newer guns being pumped out just aren’t right for competing at higher levels. It’s clear that the team are waiting for a perfect gun that sings to them more than their current loadout. Opptics also states that more references to the original franchise would be more-than-welcome, such as swapping out Airport map for the MW2 classic Terminal.

The players that want to get better at the game and want to be seen doing it need to remember two things: playing and uploading on a consistent basis. To make it big, you’ll need to play regularly and stay updated with your community or else you won’t even make it off the ground. Once you’re there, something as simple as changing your settings or experimenting with a gun you’re hesitant on can greatly help with your efforts in bettering yourself. If you end up nabbing a good bit of followers, they’ll want to see those 200iq plays without having to wait weeks on end for them. Content is king and consistency is queen.

Warzone may be the start of the group’s competitive career, but Valorant looks like it may be the group’s next target. Many of the clan members love CS:GO, and since Valorant has so much in common with it, they’d feel silly to not try their hands at it. We’ll all have to wait and see what game-breaking success this next-level team is sure to accrue.

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