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WE Takes Down JDG In A Nail-Biter Series

In the Cinderalla story of the Demacia Cup, Team WE took down JDG in a close five-game series. Fielding a rookie roster considered unproven, the underdog story took down the Worlds Quarterfinalists in an explosive and high-impact game.

Photo courtesy of Game-Tournaments

In Game One, due to the format of the tournament, both junglers Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok and Jiang “beishang” Zhi-Peng were on Graves. What resulted was a messy and explosive early game from the bot lane that saw star support Zuo “LvMao” Ming-Hao take first blood on the Leona. As the game progressed, it seemed all but locked for JDG until some impressive footwork from Zhao “Jiumang” Jia-Hao on the Vayne earned WE a Triple Kill, pocket cash and advantage across the board.

From there, the game went back and forth until a gruesome teamfight left Kanavi the lone-wolf, alone on his team. From there, he ended the game singlehandedly while the rest of the players were watching grey-screens.

Game Two saw a similar explosive start with beishang nearly two levels ahead thanks to the sheer power of Olaf. Also like the first, an incredible back-and-forth game. Unlike Game One however, JDG’s new midlaner (and former LGD player) Su “xiye” Han-Wei became a punching bag for beishang and Lou “Missing” Yun-Feng. It all came down to an impressive Baron steal by Zhang “Zoom” Xing-Ran, but WE was too far ahead and they cleaned up the map.

Game Three was a slower early game with Kanavi on his signature Kindred. Yet the slowness came to a halt when Zoom called down the forge god on Ornn and Lee “LoKen” Dong-wook made quick work on the enemy team with Samira. WE however ramped their advantages and relied on Cui “Shanks” Xiao-Jun with clutch picks and awareness of Jiumeng’s Kai’sa rampant run against the enemy team. The Kai’sa continued to remain a threat against JDG, picking up clutch plays and picking off a multitude of enemies, ultimately locking up the game for Team WE.

It was match point for Team WE, but JDG had drafted themselves a really strong team for Game Four. In addition, we saw some new choices in Viktor for Shanks and Gnar for Zoom. JDG started strong with LoKen on the Jhin sniping down the opposition. WE took the game by storm but Zoom landed a perfect GNAR! to stun three into the wall and start the snowball effect for JDG.

The game was incredibly back and forth in kills. JDG held their own on objectives however and closed out Game 4 after Baron and Mountain Soul. It all came down to Game 5 between these two teams and JDG had all the tools necessary to pick out a squishy Miss Fortune from WE. However, the unexpected ‘X’ factor was the prowess Chen “Breathe” Chen showed on the Aatrox. JDG did manage to crack a few inhibitors and caused a bit of chaos, but Jiumeng’s Bullet Time off the Miss Fortune sniped away the Elder Dragon, caused the entire game to flip on its head, and landed the victory for Team WE.

Team WE will go on to face tournament favorites Top Esports tomorrow.

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