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Welcome to Stropse

This might be your first Stropse article. It might be your second. Maybe, you’ve come back to this article in the future, having spent years on the site already, a lifelong follower via Twitch, Discord, Twitter, the 2022 Twitch-Twitter-fusion “Twitchter,” and Myspace.

Either way, one thing is for certain: now that you’re here, you’re here to stay.

Welcome to Stropse
Courtesy of us

Welcome to Stropse, the online esports magazine and brand dedicated to the video game world from a player’s perspective. I’m the editor-in-chief, Jake, but my writers just call me “Jake.” I’ll be your guide to everything “Stropse” [pronounced Strope-see] from here in, taking this article to run you through the Stropse design, content, and vision. Drawing inspiration from the word “esports” [pronounced eesp-orts], we’ve come to flip the script.

The Stropse Start Line – Design

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, light. Soon came space, time, life, water, bacteria. Nintendo released Super Mario 64, that was pretty big. And now, in the year 2020, there is Stropse. But even still, it took a while for us to get to where we are.

The Stropse founder creating the site (colorized, 2020)

The first hurdle was art. We knew that to unify gamers across the content spectrum, we’d need a visual message that universally resonated.

Here are a couple (still cool!) designs that didn’t make the cut:

I even submitted my own design to the highly-contested running:

Courtesy of Microsoft Paint, my creative vision

I didn’t hear back.

Here’s yet another current design from the incredible team, our trademark “E:”

That’s a really impressive “E.”

The Voice of Stropse – Writing

Stropse has a team of writers devoted to coverage across all spheres of the gaming zeitgeist. While we’ve yet to begin producing content in earnest, our early stockpile has already birthed some gems. Here a few soon-to-be cult classics from the incredibly gifted writing team.

Ability and Gaming: How Esports Allows for Accessibility by Jose Nateras

Image Courtesy of CNET

Specializing in nuanced commentary on inclusivity within the gaming community, writer Jose Nateras knocks it out of the park with his examination of the opportunity esports provides for those with disabilities and the things we can all keep in mind to help some of the most vulnerable among us.

Dear Parents: What You Need to Know about Your Kid Going Pro by Jeffrey Jenkins

The first entry in our forthcoming “Dear Parents” series sees writer Jeffrey Jenkins in a position at-once informed about the potential of the professional gaming marketplace and enthusiastic as all get-out about parents supporting their kids. It’s a win-win, a must-read for any parent and a must-share for any kid looking to go pro.

A Gamer’s Guide to Working Out by Travis Bettes

Courtesy of Microsoft

Writer Travis Bettes brings his personality to the page in the first entry of our “A Gamer’s Guide” series, laying out the seemingly-insurmountable task of exercise with heart and poignancy.

Top 10 League Champions Played Most by Pros in 2020 by Jay Silver

Courtesy of Riot Games

This entry in our “Top 10” series radiates with writer Jay Silver’s love of the game. Blending color commentary with stone-cold League of Legends analytics, this article made me smile, and I couldn’t tell you the first thing about League of Legends, let alone what an “Ornn” is.

Ripping and Taping Paper Mario: Why the fans love it, hate it, and what “fixes” have done for the franchise by Izzy Salant

Courtesy of Nintendo

The manifesto to launch 1,000 paper ships, writer Izzy Salant’s love letter to the Paper Mario series will touch the heart of even the most crumpled-up among us, reminding us of the fervent soul that thrives in grassroots gaming communities all across the web.

I can’t say enough positive things about not only the few writers featured above, but the entire dedicated writing staff. Rather than link you to every article we’ve written so far, I encourage you to browse from our collection and find your own favorites.

The Future of Stropse – Our Vision

“Now Jake, this may be all fine and good,” you may find yourself (eloquently) asking, “but what now? Stropse has a stellar design team, A+ marketing, and a legendary squad of writers. Where’s the ceiling?”

You sound a lot like me.

With time, Stropse will only continue to flourish. We’ve laid the foundation for a community of nerds, misfits, and gamers to call home, and now that the ground’s laid, we’re building a mansion. Follow us on our Twitter and Instagram accounts and be sure to subscribe to our blog and newsletter to stay posted on all the good things to come.

For now, welcome to Stropse. Welcome home.

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